Furious Hotel Guests Pull Man Out Of Room For Having VERY Loud Sex

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Mob pull man out of room for having very loud sex.
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Some people take their sleep VERY seriously.

A couple in China were having sex so loudly in a hotel that some of the other guests dragged them out of their room, according to a report in The Daily Mail.

This is how apparently it all went down: A businessman by the name of Zhang had checked into a hotel in the city of Beihai, in China's Guanxi southern province. He and a group of his colleagues were there for a meeting the next day.

They probably wanted to get a good night's sleep so they could be on top of their game the next day. Zhang went to bed after having a drink or two to calm down, or maybe he went over his notes the next day.

He fell asleep only to woken up by a couple having extremely loud, rambunctious, kinky sex — the kind of sex that, if you were to knock on the wall, they probably wouldn't be able to hear it.

Now, the reports don't say if Zhang called down to the front desk to ask them to send somebody up to tell the couple to turn it down a notch, but we do know that Zhang went directly to the couple's door holding a hanger, and asked them to take it down a notch.

Instead of feeling slightly embarrassed and agreeing to quiet down, the male half of the couple — a man by the name of Lei Mou — just put Zhang on blast. As the confrontation got louder and more heated, Zhang's colleagues gathered in the hall around him. They had most likely been woken up by the loud sex, or perhaps the loud confrontation about the loud sex.

Photo: YouTube

The confrontation started to escalate and things might have stayed relatively sane if Zhang hadn't kicked down the hotel room door. Zhang and the now-mob pulled Lei Mou out of the room while kicking and punching him.

Somewhere in the middle of the beating, Lei Mou was stripped to the waist and was dragged into the hotel's lobby. The attack was caught on tape by CCTV. 

Photo: YouTube

At some point, someone had the good sense to call the police, and the police officers were able to put a halt to the incident. Eventually, Zhang was able to cool down and admit that he had overreacted, and agreed to pay 15,000 yuan (approximately $2,226) to Lei Mou. 

There was no word on the business meeting the next day or if Lei Mou now has much quieter sex when in hotels, motels, or even Airbnbs. Never mess with someone's sleep, no matter how hot the sex is.

Check out the video of the incident below: