7 Reasons Why Van Jones Is The Voice Our Nation NEEDS Now

Photo: Speakerpedia
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If you're not listening to him — you should be.

If you've been keeping up with the election coverage on CNN, you've probably seen Van Jones.

He's hard to miss — Van Jones is confident, smart, passionate, authoritative, and hilarious. 

When I tuned into the post-presidential debate coverage on CNN, it was filled with a lot of back and forth yelling, but that was all background noise to Van Jones' sharp wit that had the other correspondents chuckling — even the ones NOT on his side. 

But who is this guy and where did he come from?

The 48-year-old earned degrees in political science and communication from the University of Tennessee and a law degree from Yale. He worked at numerous publications before taking up activism, fighting against things like police abuse and racism and working for environmental causes. 

In 2011, Jones founded Rebuild The Dream and he's currently president of Dream Corps, both organizations that promote environmental, economic, social, and criminal justice. (Heard of the #YesWeCode initiative? That's one of his projects!)

He's also written two New York Times bestselling books: The Green Collar Economy and Rebuild The Dream. Plus, has served as President Barack Obama’s Special Advisor for Green Jobs,

And recently we learned that he served an advisor to the late singer Prince and a liasion for the singer's humanitarian work.

Whew! This guy does just about everything.

Van Jones is now being heard by millions through his platform as a political commentator on CNN. Here are just a few of the spot-on, amazing things he's had to say recently about the presidential election:


Van Jones expresses his outrage at all the lies Donald Trump spews in debates and rallies. Quoting LL Cool J while doing it just makes us love the man even more.

2. He's got a way with words. 

Unfit. Loser. #TRUMPTYDUMPTY! Van Jones doesn't mince his words. * mic drop *

3. He states the facts. 

Van Jones explains how you can't make something bad (like Donald Trump) look good no matter how hard you try aka "you can't polish a turd." Anderson Cooper agrees.

4. He calls out injustices.

Unfortunately, in our society today, African-American men are being targeted unjustly. Van Jones questions why Trump gets away with words and actions no African-American man would. And he's right!

5. He gives 'em hell! 

Donald Trump is on tape admitting to sexual predatory actions. And Van Jones has had enough of people trying to defend him. (And Van's not alone!)

6. Even with a distraction, he keeps his composure.

As the people chant "USA," Van Jones can't help but clarify that's who he's fighting for. This is precisely why we need more Van Jones' in the world.

7. He just gets it.

If anyone else said the things Donald Trump was saying he'd lose his job (a la Billy Bush), marriage, friends, etc. Not to mention even athletes protested Trump's notion of "locker room talk."