A Vote For Donald Trump Is A Vote For Racism

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racist donald trump

No. Just. No.

I may be a Democrat, but I'm not a fool. I understand the Republican point of view. I have many friends who are Republicans, and their viewpoints, while not my own, are clear and understandable to me. 

But a vote for Donald Trump isn't supporting the Republican party. A vote for Donald Trump is supporting Trump, and that man is a racist. 

If you aren't appalled by the fact that Donald Trump is a serious contender for the presidency, then you aren't paying attention.

He's called Mexicans criminals and rapists, he refuses to denounce the leader of the KKK, he made racist insinuations against Muslim gold star parents, he accused a judge of Mexican descent of bias, and his company has been sued twice for refusing to rent to black Americans. These are only a few examples of Trump's racism. 

The racism doesn't stop with Trump, it's a huge motivating factor behind many of his major supporters and allies. Just look at the news. 

Kathy Miller is Donald Trump's Ohio campaign chair. As such, it makes sense that when the Guardian went to Ohio to do a feature on the 2016 election that she would be interviewed and profiled.

What doesn't make sense are her racist comments and opinions

When interviewer Paul Lewis commented on the number of white people at the Republican event where Kathy was being interviewed, she insinuated that black people do not vote as much as white people.

In truth, in the 2012 election, black voter turnout was higher than white voter turnout. 

From there the interview only got worse. Normally this would be shocking, but with the way this election is going, it's not hard to believe.

When Lewis asked Miller about racism in the campaign she said, "I don't think there was any racism until Obama was elected." 


Right. Because, you know, stop and frisk, the murder of unarmed black men, segregation, and uh SLAVERY were all 100% not racist. 

Thanks, Obama. You made racism a thing, at least in the minds of people like Kathy Miller. 

Miller also indirectly blames Obama for police violence and gun violence, saying that when he got elected it was then that people started "shooting up neighborhoods". 

Not satisfied with these outrageous statements, Miller went on: "If you’re black, and you haven’t been successful in the last 50 years, it’s your own fault. I think you had a real advantage over [white people] because you had all the advantages going to college. You had all the advantages because they got into schools without the same grades as a white kid."

This is the very definition of white privilege, and this sort of mindset left unchecked becomes entrenched racism. The scariest thing about Miller's comments aren't even that she is a supposed mouthpiece for a presidential candidate, it's that she actually believes what she is saying to be true. 

Miller doesn't believe Affirmative Action was necessary. She believes that because it worked and now that minorities can get the jobs and educations they deserve more easily (but still not as easily as white people) racism is done, old news. 

I am not going to chronicle all of the ways in which Miller is wrong here, because I'd like to think that the average read knows that black students still suffer harsher punishments in school which in turn makes them more likely to go to prison and that job discrimination is still very much a problem, and you also know (even if you don't want to) that this country has a problem with the way we treat black people across the board.

If racism were dead, Terence Crutcher wouldn't be. 

You can't vote for Trump and not be racist. I really don't think it's possible. If you support his platform, your supporting a racist ideology. It's that simple.

Donald Trump's entire career as a shady, mediocre businessman who relies on bankruptcy to keep him afloat has been characterized almost exclusively by his mistreatment of women and his racism.

He publicly castigates reporters who speak out against him. Imagine what he'll do to them if given the office of President? 

You don't need to look further than at Trump encouraging his supporters to beat a Black Lives Matter protester to understand just how dangerous this man really is. 

As election time grows ever closer, I hope that's something you'll keep in mind.