Cookie Fries Exist And BRB Because We're Eating ALL OF THEM

Photo: Dallas Observer

Two of our favorite things: COMBINED.

Just when you thought the food game couldn't get any better, it surprises you with something new. 

A restaurant that just opened at a Walmart in Texas, appropriately named State Fair Treats, is serving up typical foods and treats you find at a state fair. The restaurant is open all year-round, unlike seasonal state fairs, so you get to enjoy the treats whenever.

And in addition to the usual funnel cake fries and corn dogs, owner Isaac Rousso is serving up is very own master creation: Cookie Fries.

Cosmopolitan describes the yummy treat as "a cookie with a crinkle-cut appearance, and offered with a side of strawberry or milk chocolate sauce." See for yourself:



According to a report in Dallas News, Rousso gained fame in the State Fair of Texas for his creative fried food creations like the Smoky Bacon Margarita (whoa!), deep fried Cuban roll (yum!), and Fried Pop Tarts (oh my god, are we in heaven?). For these creations, he was often either the winner or a finalist of the Big Tex Choice Award... and the Cookie Fries were certainly a winner this year.

"In the face of the national trend for healthy foods, this might seem like an unexpected development, but Walmart has been bullish on retro snacks, recently adding deep-fried Hostess Twinkies to their freezer section," says a review in TIME Magazine.

Although the location is inside the Plano Walmart, Rousso hopes that his restaurant and food concept would eventually become available to the other Walmart locations across the country. Which means that we might not have to be in Texas just for a taste of the Cookie Fries in the future.

Photo: Dallas News

"The Plano restaurant will be open from 7 AM to 9 PM serving many fair foods like the cookie fries and funnel cake fries, along with corn dogs, deep-fried hash browns stuffed with bacon and cheddar cheese, and some new creations," says the Dallas News.

In the meantime, book us a flight to Texas right this instant!