8 REAL Reasons He Wants The Good Girl Who Knows How To Be Bad

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8 Reasons why he wants the good girl who knows how to be bad
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Lady in the street, freak in the bed.

Men want women who aren't afraid to have a little fun, but we don't want a girlfriend who dances on the bar every time we go out, either. 

Let's face it: when it comes to what a man wants, the answer is simple. We want it all. As the rapper Ludacris said in his song "Nasty Girl," men are looking for a "lady in the street, but a freak in the bed." 

In an attempt to shed some light on the topic, here are 8 reasons why men want the good girl who knows how to be bad

1. Being bad makes men feel loved.


A woman's willingness to explore a bedroom taboo can actually make a man feel loved. The more open-minded a woman is in bed, the more loved we feel. Let me explain. Missionary every night shows us that you just aren't interested in exploring us any further. That hurts. Let that freak flag fly and be open to some lighthearted naughtiness. It'll strengthen the bonds of love

2. A man doesn't want to be judged for his fantasies.

Thinking about a threesome, or what it would like to be tied to the bed post by you, doesn't make us bad people. It makes us human. What's important is that these fantasies can be expressed in a judgment-free zone.

Discussing the things that get our blood pumping feeds the sexual energy in the room. Our fantasies don't necessarily have to come true for it to have a positive impact. It might also be nice to know what you've been thinking about. I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours. (FYI, if you can't handle hearing hers, don't expect to express yours.)

3. Knowing when to behave and when to let loose is sexy.


It's sexy when a woman knows how to adapt their behavior to best suit a situation. Obviously, there's going to be a different code of conduct at a business dinner than out at a bar with friends.

When a woman knows how to play to the situation and have your back, it's a bonding experience like no other. Of course, we need to support our girlfriends in the same way when we're at their work events. It's the ability to know when to button up or button down that's a very alluring trait. 

4. Settling down without an occasional adventure can spell doom.

We all get older, and sleeping in our cars while on tour with our college rock band gets a tad less appealing in our late 20s. But a loving relationship will never make it in the suburbs. A white picket fence and a 9-to-5 without the occasional, perhaps spontaneous trip to Vegas, Amsterdam, Costa Rica or whatever floats your boat shows that neither one of you remember how to be good or bad. 

5. It takes more than we're willing to admit sometimes.


I'll admit, it's an interesting part of humanity that it takes stepping outside the lines "good behavior" to get our blood pumping, release some adrenaline and make us feel alive. So a woman who's willing to understand that her boyfriend might want to see her do a strip-tease to "Sweet Home Alabama" while holding a half-drank whiskey bottle is a woman we know understands this. 

6. It feels good to be naughty.

During sex, we often allow ourselves to engage in behaviors that, outside the bedroom, would seem a little... wrong. Like dirty talk or spanking. Whether this is right or wrong is a differing topic altogether, but not allowing yourself to have these naughty releases is holding back a part of yourself that's there, whether you like it or not. 

7. It's a "get out of jail free" card.


Inevitably, people in any type of relationship are going to make mistakes. If our partner never enjoys the occasional vice, it creates a feeling of walking on eggshells. One slip up and you're likely to hear your all good, never bad girlfriend say, "I would never have done that," and that's just not a healthy way to live. 

8. When it's all said and done, every man wants variety.

If a woman injects your bedroom doldrums with a little dirty talk, it breaks up the monotony. Even if the sex is great to begin with, the occasional romp in the backseat of a car just changes up the routine. After a few rounds, go back to the spiritually connected lovemaking. Keep it interesting and open.