About Ariella & Vivian Moonstone & Woodley

Astrologer Ariella Moonstone (a luscious Libra) was born in Sedona, Arizona and was destined to be an  astrologer from the very start. The classic book Linda Goodman’s "Sun Signs is her fave" and started her fascination with astrology, She has been a much-sought after  professional in the field for several decades with many  recognizable names among her private clientele. Ariella loves to travel with her husband, especially to spiritually-charged, magnetic centers of the globe—Stonehenge, India and her funky little hometown are among her favorites. 


Vivian Woodley, MA MFT, Taurus  As a licensed therapist for more than 20 years, Vivian  Woodley has seen clients who need help coping with a variety of important issues, from dealing with grief to lack of self-esteem and depression. With her kindness, compassion and patient ear, Vivian is also an expert in the area of marriage counseling. Over the years, she’s come to specialize in issues sexual, more specifically in the area of fetish and what some perceive to be sexual deviancy. Vivian and her husband of twenty years live in Southern California. 

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