7 Ways To TRULY Love An Aquarius Man

How to love an Aquarius man.

7 Ways To TRULY Love An Aquarius Man Getty

Learning how to love an Aquarius man is tricker than it seems. 

Aquarius men are quirky by nature. They are weird, funny, adventurous and they love to have sex. But Aquarius men are terrified of commitment, so if you've scored an Aquarius man (and are in a relationship with one), you're one patient person.

There's a way to know how to love an Aquarius man.

Loving an Aquarius man is confusing because they're so wishy-washy about commitment. You know an Aquarius man loves you if he's ready to make it an official. 


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Here's how to make an Aquarius man love you and miss you like crazy. 

1. Take him on an adventure.

Aquarius men are easily bored. They have the attention span of a fruit fly. So make sure you keep him entertained. Plan a trip to the cat cafe where cats wander around while you eat. Take him hiking and pet some llamas. Whatever you do, make sure it's different and off the beaten path because Aquarius men don't do traditional.

2. Surprise him.

Aquarius men love to be surprised. This could be as simple as you making his favorite soup for dinner, or planning a trip to a casino. As long as he has no idea about it, he loves it. This goes for the bedroom, too. An Aquarius gets easily bored in the bedroom just as he does in everyday life, so make sure you spice it up when you're getting it on.


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3. Have a lot of sex with him.

These Aquarius men are insatiable. They could have sex five times a day and go for a sixth. Don't be afraid to pull your man out of a party because you can't wait to have him. He won't miss the small talk when you let him know why you're going home early. This is how to please an Aquarius man. 

4. Be a daredevil in the bedroom.

If you're with an Aquarius man, he loves to please you. He's happy when you orgasm, but he also wants you to take the lead. He loves when you dominate him and tell him what to do. He's a fan of foreplay and any kind of dirty talk that you're up for. He will roll with whatever you want to do. Just make sure you don't do the same thing twice ... unless he requests an encore.

5. Remember: he's incredibly sensitive!

As laid back as Aquarius men are, they are also pretty damn sensitive. Often, their emotional outbursts come out of seemingly nowhere. But when he's upset make sure you pay attention. He wants you to listen and hear why he's hurting. Also, a little make up sex won't hurt. 


6. Be 100% real and upfront.

Don't pretend to be someone you're not. Aquarius men respect people with an opinion, even if it differs from his. He will respect you more if you're honest about who you are and what you feel. If you hate veggie burgers and he's a vegetarian, don't pretend to like them. He wants to love you for who you are. 

7. Be weird, fun, and make him laugh.

Aquarius men respect a partner with a sense of humor the most. They love to laugh, especially at weird sh*t. So be weird, be funny and don't be afraid to be yourself — because he loves you for you.

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