What To Do When Your Husband Has ZERO Interest In Sex

Love, Heartbreak

Guys ALWAYS want to have sex ... right? Maybe not.

You and your husband are best friends, committed for the long-haul and really, TRULY love each other ... but your sex life, unfortunately, has become frustratingly stale. Like in many marriages, you've started having sex on the same night of the week, in the same bed, at the same time with the SAME formula — touch him here, kiss her now, stroke those zones, assume the positions that are tried and true, then ... done. Snooze time.

Sadly, what used to be a fun, playful, adventurous (and even a little raunchy) time in the beginning of your relationship has now become what feels like a scheduled chore.

It's understandable though. Life gets in the way. These days are constantly busy, overly stressful and completely taxing on your bodies and minds — most of the time, sleep wins over sex. Life is exhausting, so gone are the days of sharing your thoughts and desires over dinner at those swanky new restaurants. Now, they’ve been replaced with predictable meals at home while scrolling through Facebook posts.


What happened to all that electricity? That LONGING and insane desire for each other? Is it even POSSIBLE to get it back?

And how much time is TOO much when you're trying to focus on bettering your career, invest in quality friendships and staying in shape? Should all that come in behind sex and bonding with your partner? How much time should you invest on getting what USED to be back?

If you are ready to get out of your rut, get back to 'honeymooning' — or better yet, try something brand new, now is the time. And start off your new, SEXY life by getting the best professional advice right here, from our panel of experts. Hosted by YourTango Experts Senior VP, Melanie Gorman, you'll hear uplifting and inspirational perspectives from marriage and family therapists Rita DeMaria and Moshe Ratson, marriage/couples counselor Samantha Burns, and author/anthropologist Helen Fisher. They are sure to help you get the fire back in your sex life.

After watching the video, if you still have questions (or continue to struggle), feel free to visit their websites, or contact Samantha, Rita, Moshe or Helen directly.