How To Get What You REALLY Want From Your Man


You deserve to be loved the way you want it.

Are you frustrated with the men in your life — your husband or your boyfriend, your male friends, your father, your son? Ever feel totally discouraged and feel like your "perfect" man — the one who really sees you and understands your needs and desires — is never going to show?

Women tend to want more of the LITTLE things from men — small gestures that show he’s thinking about her, anticipating her desires without ever having to be told what they are.

You know ... like loading the dishwasher, telling us we’re pretty and loveable, leaving us little notes on the fridge, surprising us with a night out. Even something even smaller, like walking in with a flower he picked from the side of the road.

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These tiny gestures may seem insignificant and mundane to a man, but they are HUGE deals for us.

But men don't typically think in terms of those little things we cherish. They are more apt to make a grand gesture, because that — in his mind — makes up for all those little things. In his mind, he’s done something fantastic, and he rationalizes that we should be satisfied and secure about the depth of his love.

Sure, we appreciate those things, but in our minds, it's not the same thing as him taking initiative on his own every day. Sorry guys ... it's complicated.

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So where does that leave us, ladies? Stuck feeling ignored and unheard?

There HAS to be a better way to communicate our needs to our men without feeling like a ... we all hate this word ... nag. 

What can we do to foster a more conscious, thoughtful attitude in the men in our lives?

Well in this YourTango Experts video, John Gray (notable author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus) explains in easy-to-understand terms how to help your man become more conscious — more AWARE — of your needs. (Hallelujah!) His perspective is enlightened and refreshing and will give you productive approaches to this age old problem with the sexes.

And after you're done watching, John's website offers timeless advice on all things love and relationships. Take a peek or reach out to him!