Advice For The Man Who Gets Totally Grossed Out When His GF Squirts

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Advice For The Man Who Gets Totally Grossed Out By Squirting

It's like the bonus prize in your favorite box of cereal!

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Today’s question came through the grapevine via Kendra Holliday and The Beautiful Kind.

Q. I recently met a woman and we really hit it off on a lot of levels.

We’ve been out on “dates” three times in three weeks and has been great.

Well, over New Years weekend we spent almost 3 days together and finally slept together.

It was great except for one thing ... she is a squirter.

Now let me tell you, I have no problem with this normally. It’s not a particular kink of mine, but I'm not against it. However, the volume of fluid was incredible and I had to pull out several times just to let her catch her breath. VERY sensitive and orgasmic.

This may be some guy’s dream, and I have to admit it’s a turn on to see a woman so excited, but it can be almost too slippery, and I started to lose sensation.

She is awesome and we are very compatible both sexually and as a couple. I'm a very sexual guy who is open to almost anything, but I can see this becoming a distraction.

A little goes a long way, but a lot can get in the way.

What are your thoughts?



A. So, as many of our readers/listeners know, I have rather vast experience with exactly what you’re describing.

My wife is a gusher and multi-orgasmic. She can gush many times over the course of an evening, soaking everything in sight. Initially we didn’t quite realize what was happening. All I noticed was that she would get exceedingly wet and I would lose sensation.

We’d stop, dry her off, and start again.

She began to get self-conscious about it. Then we learned a little more about gushing.

Given how rare female orgasms are in general, a gushing orgasm is like the crown jewel. 

Usually this is indicative of a g-spot orgasm.

My recommendation here is to shift your thinking so you can see this as the amazing and rare thing that it is.

It's something most women are capable of, but few actually reach. With your encouragement and enthusiasm, seeing this as an awesome thing rather than something you would rather she not do will change the entire dynamic.

Think of how you would feel if she said, “You know, you just make too much cum, can you make less? It’s irritating and distracting in my mouth.”

Once she’s confident with her skill, kegel exercises can help her control it dramatically. Awareness of how her body feels before she squirts will also help.

My wife learned how to hold it in for as long as she wants — to then create a super squirting finale that would make the Bellagio Hotel fountain in Las Vegas jealous.

It’s a bonus feature, not a bug. 

And stock up on a Liberator Fascinator Throe or two to protect your bed/couch/floor/kitchen table. 

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