Condoms For Badass, Empowered, SEX LOVING Women Are Finally Here!

Photo: Twitter
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Yes, YOU have the power!

Since the dawn of time, or more accurately, since the mid 1800’s, condoms have pretty much been unchanged. Yes, there’s all sorts of different types available, like ribbed for “her pleasure” or colored, flavored condoms. But one thing always remains the same: They’re boring. 


One company has changed the way we look at condoms and created a feminist appeal toward the STD, pregnancy protection rubbers (of course, no condom is 100% safe. ALWAYS remember that!).

Lovability, a feminist brand, has created condoms that come in tins that have different, sexy phrases. Take a look:

“Talk Feminist To Me”


“Babe With The Power”


“I Want It All”


Lovability President Tiffany Gaines had this to say about the product: ”These condoms are more than contraception, they're a tool for communication. It’s time to put an end to being slut-shamed for valuing our bodies, and for having the confidence to assert control.”


The best part is, they’re marketed us to US, the women of the world. If you look at every other condom brand, they’re basically marketed to alpha males that need validation about their penis size.  

But now, we can proudly walk around with these condoms, showing off style, confidence and fierceness.

Because damn it, ladies, we have to take control of our lives. And by carrying around contraception as cool as these condoms, we are doing so in style!

Here’s the product description, which can be found on Lovability’s site: All Natural Vegan Condoms, Purse Perfect Protective Tin, Easy-Open Wrappers, Odor-Free, Ultra Thin & Flexible, Chemical Free & Non-Toxic, Silky Smooth Silicone Lubrication, Fits Sizes M-XL

AMAZE-BALLS! (no pun intended) Vegan condoms, in a gorgeous feminist tin, that are chemical free and fit in our purses.

Come on ladies, $12 is NOT a lot of money to drop on a fabulous tin that comes with nine condoms. We spend more on a latte and biscuit. This is for our health, and our confidence, and we’re worth it!