5 (Totally Unsexy) Things I'm Actually Doing While We're Sexting

Photo: unsplash / bruno gomiero
5 Unsexy Things I'm Actually Doing While We're Sexting

Time to multitask!

Technology is an amazing thing. It keeps so many of us connected in so many ways. From talking with long lost friends to meeting new people online to, you guessed it, sextingBut are we really getting off every single time that we sext? 

Sorry to disappoint you, but if you're anything like me, the answer is a big fat N-O (probably bigger than the chubby you hope you're giving him when you're sexting). However, we're not doing that every single time. Then, what are we doing? 

Well, a whole lot of whatever-the-fuck-we-want. Here's some common things that I, and possibly many other ladies, have found themselves doing while letting their creative freak texts fly.

1. Eating. 


We eat, we love to eat. Actually, sometimes we can't tell whether we're horny or hungry - or both. So, we might be enjoying a snack, hot or cold, while sending those definitely hot messages your way.

2. Surfing the internet. 


We can easily take a break from whatever we are looking at to send you another steamy message, and possibly even a steamier pic. We might even take inspiration from what we're looking at (quotes on Pinterest anyone?).

3. Chores. 


Sadly, life and time don't stop in order to send you the kinkiest hypothetical we can think of - otherwise you would be getting a lot more of those texts. So, we might be folding laundry and putting clothes away while describing how we would rip yours off.

4. Schoolwork/work of some sort. 


This is the worst situation possible. This is definitely when we wish that we were getting down and dirty with ourselves and your words. We would rather do anything except work, and we especially would love to be more aroused than it makes us. 

5. Just relaxing. 


We might be pretty turned on by the conversation and really intrigued by it, but we might be saving those hot and heavy ideas of yours for later on when we can really enjoy them. So, we pop on a movie or pour a glass of wine until we can get lost in our own, I mean some of your, thoughts. 

Don't take this as a sign that we aren't enjoying the sexting - we thoroughly enjoy talking about sex, what we would do to you, what you would do to us, what we would never actually do but think is hot as hell, all of it. 

Sometimes we just aren't actually flicking our beautiful little bean every time you send a "hot damn" response, that's all. Don't stop the sexting though - we love every minute of it. 

This article was originally published at PuckerMob. Reprinted with permission from the author.