Trump's Campaign Manager Thinks Women Get Raped Because We're WEAK

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kellyanne conway rape statement

Her statement is dangerous.

If you or anyone you know has ever been raped, Donald Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway would like you to know that it happened because you're weak.

I wish I was kidding. 

A video has surfaced of Conway explaining why women's weakness is the only reason rape still exists. In it she says, "If we were physiologically — not mentally, emotionally, professionally — equal to men, if we were physiologically as strong as men, rape would not exist. You would be able to defend yourself and fight him off."

If you need to take a minute and go vomit or maybe quietly lie down and despair for mankind that's cool, I had to do much the same myself. I would've turned to drink, but it is not even five and I am a hardworking journalistic professional. 

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Here's the video, in case you need further incentive to weep and gnash your teeth.

Now, let's take a moment to talk about all the ways in which Conway's statement is wrong, and not just wrong, detrimental to the slow dismantling of rape culture that is currently just beginning. 

First, men rape other men sometimes, too. Men who are, presumably, just as strong as the man raping them. Women rape other women, women who are presumably, just as weak as the woman they are raping.

If you want to have an honest real conversation about the physical differences between the male and the female of the species, I am more than happy to do it. Your bring your stats and I'll bring mine.

But that not a conversation I'm even remotely willing to have until after we've made it clear that rape isn't a heterosexual issue. You don't have to be a straight man to rape. 


Conway's statement is also flawed because it plays into the totally false notion that rape is about sexual domination. Rape is about power, and a need to assert control through violence and violation. Rape can be a sexual act physically, but sex has nothing to do with it, not in the way we think of sex. When you make rape a sexual issue and not a violence issue, you're making it appear far less serious than it really is. 

Conway's statement is also dangerous because it perpetuates the insidious notion that if a woman did not manage to fight off her attacker, she wasn't "really raped".

Not all rapes look the same and many rapists use a combination of tactics and drugs to subdue their victims. So Conway, even if a woman was strong enough to fight off a rapist, usually those rapists know the measures they have to take to make sure fighting back isn't even an option. 

The 2013 video where Conway was talking about rape was in a discussion about the very real problem of sexual assault in the military. To make public statements like Conway's supports the idea that women themselves are to blame for the attacks these giant behemoths of men just can't help themselves from making. Women can now fight in the front lines of combat, it is not outside the realm of possibility to imagine a future where women are included in the draft. We expect women to fight and die for our country but we can't address the very real violence they face everyday trying to do just that? 

Rape is not a thing men "just can't help themselves" from doing.

"Boys being boys" should be about them laughing at a fart or being incapable of keeping a white shirt clean for longer than five minutes. 

Not committing rape.

As his campaign manager, it's not surprising to find that Conway shares many of the same beliefs as her boss presidential candidate Donald Trump. What did Donald Trump say when asked to comment on the problem of rape in the military?  

"What did these geniuses expect when they put men and women together?" 


Gee, Donald, I don't know, maybe that the reasonable demand for equality and respect wouldn't end with an act of sexual violence, for starters. 

If you aren't terrified of Donald Trump then you aren't paying attention.

The Trump campaign's dangerous ideas about women threaten our safety and the safety of our daughters for generations to come. 

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