Ryan Reynolds Shuts Down Fan Pick Up Lines In The FUNNIEST Way

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ryan reynolds pick up lines
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Reynolds got you on blast, pervs!

Thinking about going to Twitter and propositioning actor Ryan Reynolds with a totally gnarly pick up line? THINK AGAIN. 

The Deadpool star has apparently had quite enough of his fans hitting him up with inappropriate pick up lines, but instead of blocking the offenders, he's retweeting their messages with hilarious responses. 





I always knew that celebrities could attract a special breed of crazed fan, but I had no idea they'd be so explicit! I mean, I write about sex for a living and I'm one step away from having to retire to my swooning couch for the day. 

I will say, now that I know just how much fun Reynolds has putting these folks in their place, I'm almost tempted to send him one myself. I SAID "ALMOST" ... everyone calm down.

People who randomly tweet celebrities obscene pick up lines baffle me in the same way men who catcall women do. Like, at some point, a person yelling "JUST FUCK ME" must have actually worked.

A woman must have stopped and been all, "I mean sure, why not, you seem nice and I've got two minutes." If that never happened, surely people would have realized by now that IT NEVER WILL, right? 

Or are these people REALLY this deluded?

Cheesy pick up lines used to be something for which you could prepare yourself. 

If you were going to a bar on ladies' night and there was a guy with a fake tan scanning the room until he locked onto you with torpedo-like focus, you knew what was coming, and it was guaranteed to be a totally terrible pick-up line. 

"Did it hurt?"

"Did ... what hurt?"

"When you fell from heaven?"

But now they're all over social media and you have to be prepared for them all the time. Some of us (ahem, Ryan Reynolds) more than others. 

Regardless, cheesy pick-up lines are the worst. Unless you are using them ironically.

Sometimes I like to smack my lips at my boyfriend and go "Baby, you with all those curves and me with no breaks," but that's only to be funny and to remind him of what every single day is like for a woman who decides to do something slutty like walk down the street minding her own business existing. 

Thankfully, if you're at a bar and someone tries one of these on you, one eye roll is usually all it takes to make sure that his first attempt will also be his last. 

But these days, the only guaranteed way online of getting someone to leave you alone is through total silence, and even that's no guarantee. You can't keep a good troll down.

For now it seems like Ryan has got this situation more than handled. Maybe we should all start taking a page from his book and putting these type of folks on blast.