5 People Who Are Freaking ECSTATIC That Gawker.com Is DEAD

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RIP Gawker. It's been real. It's been fun. Hasn't been real fun.

There are a few sites I visit daily to get breaking news, and luckily, Gawker isn’t one of them! According to their website, they will be ceasing operations next week after their acquisition by Univision.

In a statement, they said, “After nearly fourteen years of operation, Gawker will be shutting down next week. The decision to close Gawker comes days after Univision successfully bid $135 million for Gawker Media’s six other websites, and four months after the Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel revealed his clandestine legal campaign against the company... Near-term plans for Gawker.com’s coverage, as well as the site’s archives, have not yet been finalized.”

Gawker has several sister sites, including Jezebel, Gizmodo, and Life Hacker. Fortunately for them, they were happily snagged by Univision, and as far as we know, it will be business as usual. Taking on Gawker would have meant a huge financial loss for anyone involved with the company; lawsuits seem to be an everyday occurrence there due to their lack of journalistic integrity. 

If you’re not familiar with Gawker, they are a controversial news site that many celebrities will be happy to have behind them. Here is a video describing their “Gawker Stalker” map from 2006:


Not everyone is happy, though!

Despite the poor reporting and questionable content, many writers got their start at the company and think highly of it. Those on the receiving end of the site’s scandalous articles feel differently, and rightfully so!

Whether you’re a politician or a movie star, if you were even a little bit famous, they had something to say. Here are five people we think are more than likely THRILLED to know Gawker is DONEZO!

1. Hulk Hogan


In October of 2012, Gawker Media released clips of Hulk Hogan’s sex tape, revealing to the world his concerns over his failing marriage and worries over his children. Oh, and some oral sex, just for good measure (and pleasure). Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, sued Gawker and WON! Not only did the company declare bankruptcy, so did the company’s owner, Nick Denton.

2. Peter Thiel


In a 2007 article published by Gawker, Peter Thiel's (co-founder of PayPal) sex life was brought to light. Thiel happens to be a gay man who is not in the closet; however, some of his friends' lives were essentially ruined by the piece. He recently admitted to helping a few celebrities financially with their lawsuits against the company, including but not limited, Hulk Hogan. 

3. Sarah Palin


OK! We all love Sarah Palin, right? No? Just me? I think she’s hysterical, though I don’t think she means to be, so maybe that’s bad. Either way, she’ll be happy to know Gawker is finished. In 2008, her personal email was hacked and Gawker was RIGHT on that, publishing screen shots from her account.

4. Tom Cruise


In 2008, a video was published on Gawker of Tom Cruise giving a speech after being given an award for something Scientology-related (Best Alien Catch?!). Despite MANY attempts at removing the video, it was deemed "newsworthy" by Nick Denton and subsequently NOT taken down. The video supposedly shows Cruise acting weird, but really, is that news?

5. Zooey Deschanel


In an interview with Allure, actress Zooey Deschanel said, "I can't go on Gawker. I actually think the writing is really funny, but there is a chance that somebody is undercutting me." How can anyone have anything bad to say about Zooey?! Shame on you, Gawker! You should be shut d... oh wait, nevermind. Karma got you!