7 Sex Positions For Small Penises, Because It's Not About SIZE

It's about the motion of the ocean.

Tips For Small Penises, It's About The Motion Of The Ocean weheartit

It's not his size, or even his width — it's how he uses it. That said, if his manhood is less-than-average, the first thing you want to do is make sure his foreplay skills are on point.

"Penetration is not the only way to satisfy your lover. Don't be afraid of cunnilingus — take your time, try different techniques, and pay attention to your woman's body language. Is she driving his face deeper into her? Is she wrapping her legs around his head?"


He should also add a finger and find her G-spot: "You can also explore using sexy toys with each other. Sexploration is a fun way to improve your sex life and learn what each of you like. When you get ready for actual intercourse, sex positions that will be sure to satisfy your partner if you are less-than-average are the V-Formation, Doggie-Style, Butterfly, and Reverse Cowgirl," says Jeff Dillon of ManShop.

The key for men with small penises to provide ultimate stimulation to their partner is a combination of positions that enhance penetration and the style of movement. That will make things more fun for BOTH of you. Here are a few tried and true sex positions.


1. The Lotus


In this position, the man sits on the bed with his legs extended or crossed.

"The woman sits on his lap and holds his shoulders with her hands. She then wraps her legs around your waist and moves up and down alongside your penis shaft. As she is riding you, she should also squeeze her PC muscle (pubococcygeus muscle) as if she is doing Kegel exercises. This often exponentially intensify both partner's orgasm," says Angie Rowntree, founder and producer of Porn for Women site Sssh.com.


2. The Entire Mast

This is a variation on the classical missionary position.

"As she lies on her back, put her legs on your shoulders and bend her legs up to an L-shape. Kneel down and penetrate her from the front. You should also vary your thrusts in a way that your penis occasionally rubs on her clit. This position enables deep thrusting and provides substantial amount of sensation. Also, rather than lying on a bed, have her lie on a desk or table with her buttocks positioned at the edge. It will permit you to penetrate further and leave your hands free to stimulate her breasts and clit," says Rowntree.

3. Cowgirl



Cowgirl is a great position that allows for deep thrusting and intense stimulation.

"In a classic Cowgirl position, you lie on your back while she climbs aboard and rides your penis. One great benefit of this position for men with small penises is that she's in total control of penetration, speed and intensity, and can adjust until she finds her sweet spot. It also keeps your hands free to play with her clit, breasts and any other erogenous zones that turn her on," says Rowntree.

4. Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is great for many of the same reasons, but also because it gives his balls some extra stimulation, and does the same for her clit.

5. Doggie Style



This is great for a woman's G-spot, and awesome for him to feel in control and as if he's dominating, something that can help a less-endowed man in need of a confidence boost. Plus, it shortens the vaginal canal, meaning he can go deeper.

6. The Fort

By kneeling on or in front of pillows, and him thrusting from behind, it gives him a better angle for penetration and makes everything feel better for both of you.


7. Modified Missionary


In another variation of the missionary position, rest her legs on his shoulders while he's in a kneeling between her legs and penetrating her.

"Then, pull her knees closer together, as this will tighten her vagina and make your penis feel bigger. Additionally, wedge a pillow under her lower back. This improves the alignment of your penetration and allows you to find her G-spot if done just right!" says Rowntree.