The Boring Sex Position We Love MOST, Says Study

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BORING Sex Position We All Love

We all have our favorite sex positions. From vanilla ones like missionary to Kama Sutra-worthy ones that require skill, muscle and balance, there are hundreds of sex positions from which to choose. If your life has been one of missionary, with the occasional doggy-style only on his birthday, it might be time to broaden your sex position repertoire.

The sexperts over at Pornhub did some investigating to see which sexual position people prefer.

Overwhelmingly taking the cake (and not surprisingly so) was "doggy style" at 43 percent.

Not only does the fella get to check out your ass while nailing you, but also from that angle he can hit your G spot just right.

Coming in at second place, with 27 percent, was "reverse cowgirl," which has the woman on top of the man but facing away from him. Apparently, everyone prefers to be looking away from the person they're screwing — so they can pretend they're with someone else? 

Thirdly, we have "missionary" at, what I consider a high amount, 17 percent loving this position. While I'm personally confused by this choice, at least there's some eye contact in there — if you keep your eyes open, that is. Tied for fourth place at just 3 percent are the following: "The Counter Top," "Happy Scissors" and "Shake-N-Bake." At least some people are creative when it comes to sex. If you don't know what any of these mean, here's a nice guide for you.

Last on the list, but certainly not to be forgotten, are the "Modified Coital Alignment Position" (2 percent), "Baring the Scepter" (1 percent) and "The Seated Scissors" (1 percent). Again, explanations for all of these can be found in the linked guide above.

Admittedly, I have tried all of these (although I had no idea some of them had such cute names!) except for "Baring the Scepter," which sounds great in theory, but a bit of work when one can just opt for a cock ring.

I have to admit I love doggy style, and a brief, unscientific poll of a few of my friends — 12 to be exact (9 women and 3 men) — found that all the women prefer missionary, except for myself and one other: We both rooted for "doggy style." Of the fellas, one of whom was gay, all loved doggy style best. No one seemed to be interested in anything else even remotely interesting, although one did question if they could choose "Doggy Style on The Counter Top."

Of course you can, my dear. But if you fall, that's one hell of a bonk to the head.