How To Flirt With A Guy (Without Saying A Word!)

Attraction is one of the most complicated aspects of love.

Because once you find someone you're attracted to, you have to find some way of letting them know how you feel. And while you're not opposed to saying it, coming right out and just telling your man that you want him can make you feel a little uneasy — not to mention vulnerable!

Some people are just natural flirts; it's just who they are. They know the perfect thing to say to a man to drive him wild while the rest of us just sit there wondering how to even talk to a guy without being awkward.

What people don't realize is that flirting doesn't necessarily have to involve speaking.

And while trying to pull a sexy come-hither stare without looking as if you've got something in your eye might sound terrifying, we have some good news for you.

Flirting without talking is much easier than you think!

In our latest Expert Sparks video, Moushumi Ghose —  psychotherapist, author, and host of The Sex Talks Series —  gives you the secret to flirting with a guy (and being sexy as hell) without having to say a word.

Remember this: Body language is just as important as verbal cues.

The perfect place to start is by slowing your breathing down. Not only do slow breaths relax you and your partner but it also lets him know you're ready to take things to a whole other level.

After that, it's all about those subtle cues that tell him how you REALLY feel.

Here are a few foolproof — and sexy! — ways to flirt (and watch the video above for even more suggestions!):

1. Use your mouth.

Give him a sexy half smile, bite your bottom lip or be a little more daring and lick your lips softly. Drawing his attention to your mouth lets him know you're thinking about kissing him.

2. Twirl your hair.

Much easier than attempting the coveted perfect hair toss, twirling your hair does the same thing. It draws attention to your face which is very expressive when it comes to how you feel.

3. Raise your eyebrows.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Whether you believe it or not, your eyes can easily show desire and attraction.

A simple lift of your eyebrows is enough to bring his attention down to see how you feel about him.

Although flirting without uttering a single word sounds daunting, it really is quite simple.

Instead of rushing to fill the silence, let your body take the lead for a change. It'll say everything you want it to without all those awkward moments.

If you need help letting your partner know you're in the mood, being attractive or any other relationship problem, reach out to Moushumi. She's here to help!