Wearing A Bra Every Day Hurts Our Health In Serious Ways Says Study

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Health Risks To Body And Boobs When You Wear A Bra Every Day

Say it ain't so!

The only I don't like about being a feminist is the idea of burning my bras. 

My boobs NEED bras. They are massive, pendulous, heavy and deadly. They are like some sort of device Indiana Jones would have to dart through for fear of his life in a hunt for hidden treasures. 

They just don't look or feel good (to me, I have been told in general that they feel awesome) without a bra keeping them in place. 

I don't sleep in a bra, and I don't swim in a bra, but those are really the only exceptions I make.

"Lock and load," I say to myself each morning as I fit my boobs into place. 

But more and more the rallying cry is that it's not only in my best interests as a feminist to say goodbye to my bras, but it's also the best thing I could do for my health, too.

The Daily Mail (my favorite periodical of record) recently shared a story where several women related the scary health problems they've had that they attribute to hoisting their breasts into over the shoulder boulder holders daily. 

One woman went into panic mode when she found a lump in her armpit. I would too!

Even the idea of cancer is scary, and having watched my own mother go through it, I get the sweats just thinking about it. But when Karen Orwell raced to the doctor's office she discovered that the lump had been formed from YEARS OF WEARING BRAS WITH UNDERWIRE. 

You guys, I cannot with that. For as much as my boobs need bras, they also need underwire! Without it they are liable to creep to my knees to flatten out into one unattractive hot dog bun shaped mess on my chest.

But Karen's experience isn't an isolated incident.

French researcher Jean-Denis Rouillon conducted a study on 300 women and ultimately came away with the conclusion that bras are a false necessity. In this study, the women who didn't wear bras eventually developed muscles in their chest to act as natural support. In the women who wore bras, the support they provided was found to actually PREVENT muscles like these from growing. 

It doesn't stop there, either. 

Doctor Priyanjalee Perera is on record saying that bras can cause headaches, back pain, muscular problems, and even skin conditions. Do not want! 

These are scary realities to consider, and I wish I could bring myself to banish the boob-slinger once and for all, but it just isn't that simple. We don't live in a world where anyone can go braless without fear of comment or commendation. 

For now I think the best happy medium I can find is to limit the amount of time I spend in my bra, removing it when I get home maybe. But until the world changes, sadly, I don't think there's much else any of us can do.