Women Who Watch These Shows Are Much More Attractive To Men

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Women Who Watch These TV Shows Are More Attractive To Men

This study says it's more like "Netflix and DAMMMMMMN..."

When a guy invites you over to Netflix and chill, the last thing on your mind is whether or not said piece of beefcake will be impressed with your taste in TV shows. After all, Netflix and chill is way more about the chill part, right? And by chill I mean full sex.

But it turns out that when it comes to turn ons and turn offs that TV shows you adore play a serious factor. That is, if this study conducted by Elite Singles is to be believed. That's right, there's now one more thing to worry about in the wacky world of boy meets girl, girl digs boy, sex happens. 

It comes as no shock that the biggest turnoff for dudes when it comes to TV shows is soap operas. Because the it's a British study they cite shows like EastEnders or Coronation Street. While soaps are on the decline in the states I think we can all guess their equivalent stateside: reality TV. The fact that my boyfriend hasn't left me even though he discovered that I have an encyclopedic knowledge of all The Real Housewives franchises speaks to his decency as a human being. 


So what TV shows are sex-tastic enough that our fangirling over them turns guys on? Well there's Sherlock for one. Initially I thought this was solely because a passion for Benedict Cumberbatch surpasses gender, but then I learned that admitting a passion for Doctor Who was a major turn off. That settles it: Sherlock Holmes as a character is just too universally sexy to be denied. 

Another winner is Game of Thrones. I like the idea that a guy learns a woman is into GoT and is all "HAIL MOTHER OF DRAGONS" and then falls to the ground, showing his belly in delighted submission. 


Another sexy popular choice? Big Bang Theory. To me this is totally inexplicable. AND kind of offensive to real nerds! Like, oh sure, sneer at Doctor Who but embrace this stereotypical sitcom's bland approach to socially acceptable nerdiness and geekiness. Gross! All that said I would still sleep with Johnny Galeki, so there's that. 

All of this said, if you're dating someone who is weighing and balancing which TV shows you fancy when it comes to commitment, you're not in a relationship worth struggling to save! At the end of the day, dudes come and go, but Doctor Who and his TARDIS, that's forever.