This New Vagina Coloring Book Helps Lady Part Lovers Relieve Stress

Photo: Kickstarter
vagina coloring book

Because the ol' gal could use some brightening up.

Coloring books are enjoying a moment in the trend spotlight.

Sh*t you not, I watched a woman in Starbucks yesterday quietly coloring while she broke up with her boyfriend on the phone. This is the world we live in today and I am scared of it, but also fascinated by it.

To be clear, when I say coloring books are trendy again,  I mean adult coloring books. This is a trend I have avoided because while I am sure it is deeply soothing to color in complex, abstract mosaics, until I can buy a dinosaur coloring book in public without fear of censure, I am just not interested.

Adult coloring books cover every topic under the sun. Here is the proof I am not exaggerating: Vagina coloring books = now totally a thing. 


This is just awesome enough to make me reconsider my staunchly anti-coloring book stance. Vaginas FOR THE WIN!

The book's creator Beki Reilly is a woman on a mission. It's one we can all support — reclaiming the derogatory words people have used to describe the vagina and transforming them into beautiful works of art. It's like the penis coloring book of yore, but you know, more awesome. 

The book is currently just a few bucks shy of getting the backing it needs on Kickstarter. I know I plan on tossing a couple of pennies its way if it means I get to color in a page that screams VAGINA in vivid hues. 

The book is called Colour Up Next Tuesday (Look at the acronym — get it?) and each page features a slang term for a woman's vagina surrounded by a slew of beautiful patterns to color in.

If you support the campaign, you get digital files of the blank pages to fill in yourself while you wait for the whole book to arrive at your talk. My instant gratification senses are tingling, y'all!


One of the reasons I have avoided adult coloring books for so long is because it seems like such a mild, Victorian-style pursuit.

I mean, I already cross-stitch and bake for recreation, how many more "womanly" hobbies do I have to pick up before someone revokes my "hateful angry feminist" card? I worked hard for that thing!

If I were going to pick up this coloring habit, it could only be for something as badass as a feminist coloring book. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some colored pencils and/or scented markers to shop for!