The More Sex You Have In Old Age, The Better Your Brain Functions

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The Elderly Are Having Sex To Avoid Dementia

Here's why sex might actually help save your sanity.

Countless scientists and researchers have studied the aging brain. 

Alzheimer's and dementia are insidious interlopers, and science is hard at work to find a way to combat these enemies and make sure we don't all just live long lives, but healthy and happy ones too.

The key to that? Well it turns out that it might be sex.

At least, if these researchers from England are to be believed (you know how randy the Brits can be, amiright? And you thought the French were the hot ones.) 

In a study conducted by Coventry University researchers found that older adults who are still having sex score higher on cognitive tests than those who do not. 

That's right, there's now scientific evidence to suggest that the reason your Pap Pap still has a spring in his step is because he's still crushing guts with Gram Gram on the regs.

Good luck sleeping tonight, kiddos! 


The same researchers are convinced that remaining sexually active is the key to healthy minds and emotions for seniors. 

You know who is probably psyched about this? Every single baby boomer who is now entering the autumn of their life. 

These are the people who had sex in the rain while tripping on 'shrooms at Woodstock! That plus Viagra and you know they don't need any excuse like "not losing your mind" to get freaky with each other, especially now that the risk of pregnancy is all but non-existent. 

That said, sex as a senior isn't without its perils. 

According to the CDC, STDs among seniors are skyrocketing! There aren't enough antibiotics in the world, y'all. 

Since 2007, incidence of syphilis among seniors is up by 52 percent, with chlamydia up 32 percent.

Clearly, not being able to get pregnant does not make you magically inured to getting a nasty sexually transmitted infection.

I was going to say that I expected more of you Baby Boomers, but then I remembered that you guys were suuuuuuper into Patchouli and smiley faces. Age does not necessarily always equal wisdom. 


And just because having lots of old person sex can keep your brain healthy, that doesn't mean you don't need to exercise it every once in a while.

Do that by maybe being fearful of syphilis and donning a johnny cap or whatever you guys call them before you go to town on each other.