Khloe Kardashian Wants YOU To Use Lasers To Make Your Vagina Pretty

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khloe kardashian vagina lasers

Because in space, no one can hear your vagina scream.

When it comes to the vagina, Khloe Kardashian has a lot of opinions.

Recently she made the news for suggesting that swabbing vitamin E all over your vagina was a must if you want to remain youthful and juicy.

[Three hours pass]

Sorry, I'm back. I passed out and hit my head on the computer in disgust from writing the phrase "youthful and juicy", who am I? Some evil mummy returned to earth to consume the spirits of attractive humans? NO. SO WHY AM I TALKING LIKE ONE?

I blame the vitamin E I thoughtlessly slathered on my vagina. 

While some doctors thought that Khloe's recommendation was a no go, her new vagina obsession has a doctor's seal of approval. Did anyone else just picture a doctor stamping a vagina with the words "OK" on it? Just me. Cool cool. 


The sisters Kardashian have never been squeamish when it comes to discussing their woman caves. 

Lately the conversation has been about a vagina tightening laser favored by both Kim and Kourtney. 

Khloe mentioned it on her show, Kocktails With Khloe (I love you guys, but the K thing must stop. IT MUST.) 

The laser in question is called ThermiVa. They way it's supposed to work, according to Dr. Harold Lancer, Kim Kardashian's very own dermatologist, is using heat to regenerate collagen in your bits. 

Dr. Lancer says, “ThermiVa is a transformative technology for treating a multitude of vaginal issues without surgery. It is an FDA-cleared device. It utilizes temperature-controlled radiofrequency energy to address female issues like orgasmic dysfunction, vulvovaginal laxity. Collagen in our skin is like the reinforcing iron mesh in concrete. As we age, this mesh loses strength. Heating the skin can change the collagen by immediately contracting the molecule itself, remodeling or ‘reorganizing’ the molecular network, and stimulating fibroblasts (the cells that build the collagen ‘mesh’) to create new collagen.”

Call me krazy (see what I did there?) but I think for now I'm going to give this a pass. Although Dr. Lancer uses a lot of high faluting language, he hasn't quite managed to convince me that this laser is anything more than a gimmick. 


But if you're curious, it's supposedly pain-free, takes 15 minutes and you can get back to your life the second you're done. 

Konsider it.