The REAL Reason You Don't Want To Sleep With Him Anymore


It's TOTALLY normal!

So you're just never "in the mood." What a frustrating and confusing dilemma for both you and your husband or partner.

Perhaps early in the relationship you had sex like jack rabbits — that’s normal. After all, the honeymoon phase of a new relationship had you under the influence of all those wonderful hormones and chemicals that make everything seem rosy and perfect. Biologically, your body was innately screaming, "Procreate! Procreate!" It didn’t matter if you weren’t doing it exactly right or whether you had an orgasm every time because you were in love!

Or maybe the sex was somewhat unfulfilling for you early on, but you didn’t care that much because he was so perfect in other ways. He met so many other criteria that were important to you that you convinced yourself that you could settle for mediocre sex.

Maybe you never enjoyed sex very much before you met him. You never really felt a strong sexual need or desire, so sex was always more about pleasing him, not yourself.

Regardless of the sexual origins of your relationship, you currently find yourself in the predicament of not wanting to have sex at all.

What's causing this problem?

There are so many factors that play into this issue. It could be a hormonal or chemical imbalance. It could be something you need to examine psychologically or spiritually. It could just be a matter of discovering a simpler, kinder, more effective way to communicate your needs to your partner.

Our YourTango Experts Senior VP Melanie Gorman invokes discussion on this sensitive topic with Author and Relationship Expert John Gray, Psychotherapist Tabatha Bird Weaver, Marriage & Family Therapist Dr. Foojan Zeine and Marriage & Couples Counselor Garet Bedrosian. They have some amazing insights on this issue and your solution could be minutes away. Check it out!

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