Trump Hates Babies And Shames Moms, But You're Still Voting For Him?

Photo: Tumblr
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He kicked a baby out of a rally. Really.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump, that wizened piece of cubed carrot that fell onto your stove and has just been sitting there for months, continues to baffle and horrify the American people. Also the world. Also, if there are aliens, they are doubtlessly appalled. I hear tell that even the creepy monster from the Netflix original series Stranger Things who subsists on the flesh of human beings has nightmares about the guy.

What's Donald Trump done now? I mean, aside from driving his entire staff to reported thoughts of suicide. 

At a rally in Ashburn, Virginia yesterday Donald Trump kicked a baby out of the proceedings.

You can go back and read that last sentence a couple of times you feel confused or scared. 

I am not exaggerating. If you think I am, let's go to the tape, shall we?

Trump begins his baby attack nicely enough. The kid starts to cry and he responds kindly enough. "Don't worry about that baby; I love babies." Then things take a kind of drunk uncle turn when he continues to talk about the infant, calling it "young and beautiful and healthy."

He moves on, no longer discussing the baby's strength and good lucks, but when the kid continues to cry he switches tactics. Railing and the baby for crying, and then gas-lighting the baby's mother for assuming that when he told her it was fine he was telling the truth. 

"Actually, I was only kidding. You can get the baby out of here. I think she really believed me that I love having a baby crying while I'm speaking. That's OK. People don't understand. That's OK." 

To be fair to Donald, babies are the worst. What with their inability to express themselves in words and how you have to wipe up their poop and keep them from dying. Who do they think they are? 


Joking aside, this is basically every mom's nightmare! My best friend is the proud mother of a beautiful two year old boy who is also my godson. 

He's very well-behaved, but babies cry. On the rare occasion he gets upset in public, Jesse gets mortified. I always tell her the same thing "no one is judging you, babies cry." 

I do not think she would recover from this sort of public shaming. 

You see, when Donald Trump takes the stage, only one screaming baby is allowed, and he is it. 

I was about to type that we've all rolled our eyes at a crying baby, but like, I don't think that's true? 

Trump is a baby. He pouts when he doesn't get his way. He blames other people for his mistakes. He is selfish, temperamental, and has no hair. 

The man has such little patience that he kicked a baby out of press conference and there are people in this country who seriously think he is equipped on every level to run this nation. 


I kind of feel like his behavior doesn't even require commentary, just repetition: Donald Trump had a baby and its mother kicked out of a press conference. He gave the mother false reassurance, and then mocked her in front of a room full of his supporters and no one there did anything about it. 

A baby. A mom. His own supporters. 

He's less a fit Presidential candidate than he is cartoon evil king only he's far more dangerous because he is real. 

Actions like these and his mistreatment of the Gold Star Khan family demonstrate that he is no longer just the punch line to a sick, sad, joke, he's the living embodiment of cruelty to others and he is seeking a seat of major power and influence. 

Think of the babies: don't vote Trump.