Science Discovered The REAL Reason Women Have Orgasms And ... WHOA

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A woman's orgasm is actually WAY more important than we ever imagined.

Orgasms are powerful. Especially female orgasms. 

Both in how they feel when they wash over us, and in how they make us feel as women.

Many women equate their ability to orgasm with their ability to lovingly accept their body. For same, having an orgasm means taking back their body after severe trauma. 


Men's orgasms are, if you'll forgive the pun, far less loaded historically and from an anthropological perspective. 

For men, orgasms are a biological imperative. In order to transfer their sperm into our vibrant life giving lady dens, dudes have to orgasm. I mean, come on, you think they'd make those ridiculous cum faces if science and nature weren't FORCING them to? 

The biological reason for women's orgasms has remained a delicious mystery....


That's right, science thinks they have figured out why exactly women orgasm, and it could it set us back hundreds of years. I'm not even kidding.

A study released on Monday by The Journal of Experimental Zoology (a periodical I to which I defs need to be subscribing) has found that our ovulation cycles are a actually a pretty new development.

I know, crazy right? I don't know how the women at my monthly moon goddess retreats are going to handle this sort of news. 

Before we evolved to spit out eggs on the reg, it turns out that our orgasms were a critical part of how we got dem prehistoric babies made. 

It turns out that the clitoris used to be positioned entirely internally. 

When stimulated during intercourse, it would stimulate (I mean, ideally) and that would trigger the woman's body to drop an egg in the hopes of fertilization. 


Over time though, our cycles came into existence and the clit was like, eff this noise, I'm coming out! 

So now our orgasms exist solely as an evolutionary hangover. 

I told my friend Jesse about this and she got very concerned and was like, "does this mean men can argue that we don't need to be having orgasms at all?" 

Unfortunately, she is right. Some evil dudes will definitely use news like this to their advantage (I'm looking at you, Trump).

Hopefully it doesn't come to that and we can all just celebrate the awesomeness that is a woman having an orgasm purely for pleasure because evolution messed up.

Yay, science!