3 Colors Of Leggings NO Woman Should Wear, According To 'Experts'

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Avoid These 3 Colors Of Leggings AT ALL COST

Eh. We say eff it and wear whatever you want.

There has never been a more highly-debated piece of clothing in the 21st century than leggings. More specifically, whether they are a viable replacement for pants.

There are those who would defend to the ends of the Earth that leggings are a heaven-sent. Then, there are those who oppose the fashion, believing that leggings are never to be worn as pants, unless it is to the gym or with a dress or a very long shirt. And then, there are those who think that leggings in general are the devil and the world should get rid of them at all costs.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending where you are in the debate issue), leggings aren't going anywhere any time soon. And there are even fun ones like these cosmic-themed leggings and leggings with french fries printed on them.

However, Glamour fashion writer Leah Melby Clinton believes that there are just some color leggings that should never be worn:

1. White leggings


Like any piece of white clothing, white leggings can be the bane of the wearer's existence — they are risky! First of all, white is the easiest color to get dirty. It's not safe from even the tiniest speck of dirt. Second, the leggings' material is a thin, jersey-like fabric, which means a high probability of it being almost see-through

"If black is the ultimate color for slimming, white's the polar opposite, making it a not-so-good choice for the skintight look," says Clinton.

2. Skin tone or nude leggings

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The fact that it's skin tone already says a lot. From afar, the color just makes you look like you're not wearing pants. Unless the color is not a perfect match to your skin tone (like wearing a few shades lighter or darker from your skin tone), just skip it. 

3. Gray leggings


According to Clinton, gray leggings are just unflattering. "They also run the risk of being sheer, revealing details of your undergarments the minute the fabric is stretched a bit," she says. There is an exception to this rule, however. Dark, charcoal tones are a better option if you really want to wear gray.

So, are these colored leggings in your closet? You don't have to get rid of them if you're feeling particularly attached to them. There are still ways to wear them if you know how to avoid the mistakes (like perhaps avoiding the white leggings at the gym or wearing a longer shirt with the gray leggings).

Knowing the fashion "risks" will help you avoid making any fashion errors in the near future. But honestly, if they make you happy, do your thing, girl and screw what the fashionistas tell you.