Strong Women NEVER Ignore Red Flags — They Move The Hell ON

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We're not playing.

Think back to a time when you were a little more insecure. 

Your relationships were probably not the best, and the choices you made on who to date were based more out a fear for being alone than wanting to actually be with the person. 

Because of this fear, we often ignored red flags. We didn't think twice when he yelled at his mom or that he smokes cigarettes when he's drunk. We turned away while he obviously checked out other girls or never offered to pay for a meal.

While deep down we knew this person wasn't treating us right, we relied more on our excuses than reality. 

But then we grew up and got a little more self-esteem. 


We learned that ignoring a bad habit doesn't make it go away, and that we can only get the relationship we want if we stop settling for the ones we don't.

Red flags are seen as warning signs in a relationship. They're things to keep your eye on as you fall more and more in love with a person. It's in the back of your head, and you intend to keep it there. But red flags are never seen as a reason to walk away, but one to be cautious. 

Well, confident women say fuck that. 

When it comes to relationships and who we chose to spend our time with, there are no red flags. Only deal breakers.

We don't have the time to wait around for you to get rid of your bad habits and grow up.

We've been through that process ourselves, and we don't want to help someone else through it. If a strong woman sees a red flag, she doesn't ignore it, make an excuse for it or try to change it. Instead, she gets the hell out of there. 


It's not a matter of being understanding or wanting everyone to be perfect. Everyone's deal breakers are specific to what's important to them. You know the kind of person you'll like and get along with, so there's no reason to waste time with someone you won't. 

So don't spend weeks pawning over a guy who really isn't your best match. See the writing on the wall, and walk away.