10 (Creative!) Sex Positons For People Living in Tiny Houses

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tiny house sex positions

You KNOW you've been wondering...

If you’re a frequent HGTV watcher you know that open spacious floor plans are out, living with your boyfriend, your two dogs, and everything you own in a 300 sq ft home is the new in: Yes, Tiny homes are EVERYTHING good right now. 

The tiny homes lifestyle has been attracting such huge audiences, HGTV already has 5 shows based off this trend! 

My personal favorite: Tiny House Hunters

For those still a little confused, this isn’t an RV you drive around in for a month and eventually park in your side-yard.— people are making this their permanent everyday homes. 

Tiny homes are designed and meant to be full-time homes with appropriate functions you would have in any other home: plumbing, electricity, and many even two-story houses.  

And they're becoming more and more popular not only for Millennials, but with retirees looking to downsize. And get this: the average price is around $23,000. 

Now the question I’m sure anyone who watches wonders is this: How the heck are these people having sex in there?

If you’re anything like me, that question comes up every other episode. Do the people just permanently have bruises, scrapes and borderline concussions from bumping into walls or ceilings while getting it on?!

To satisfy my own curiosity (and yours!) I collected a list of sex positions for people living in tiny homes. 

You're welcome. 

Bent Over (Kitchen)
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This is where it gets fun! We’ve all fantasized about having sex in our kitchen, but it takes someone in a tiny home to legitimately have sex taking over their ENTIRE kitchen, possibly going into their dining/living room. However, this is not a position to get romantic about. You know where one is cooking and your passionate kiss turns to something more on the kitchen counter. Dangerous in a tiny home… 

Spooning (DUH!)
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Spooning is a position known to be more intimate, and how much more intimate can one get when you’re practically on top of one another all the time. Might as well make the best of it—have sex! 

The Kneel
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I feel this position is great for those looking to be a little more adventurous. It doesn’t require anything to be moved, and height isn’t an issue. 

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For those living in a tiny home with two-stories. Stairs—or a ladder in this case? May be the answer for something a little different. This could be great for oral sex! Either partner can sit and one kneel and do the work. Or perhaps one can sit and attempt to have sex...get creative! When it comes to sex in a tiny home, stairs become a luxury! 


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If you’ve purchased a tiny house, you most likely bought land to go with it. So step outside, and go wild! Everything you’ve been holding back, all the positions you’ve been wanting, now is your time! 
The Chair
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You can get very creative with a chair. The man can be sitting, the woman can be doggy style on top the chair, or even hunched over. Since chairs will probably be used more often than not for this sole purpose, I recommend designating a “sex chair”. 

The Rocking Horse
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This is like missionary with a twist. The man sits cross-legged and is leaning back with the woman on top. It’s foolproof as it doesn’t take much space, and there’s no risk of hitting your head on the ceiling! 

The Ape
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Another great space-saver that can be done on the couch, the bed loft (if the ceiling isn't too low — watch your head!) or even on the floor. The man is on his back and bring his legs to his chest. Literally can be done anywhere within the 400 sq ft! 

Missionary (obviously!)
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Missionary is a no brainer in tiny homes. Moving furniture (whatever it is you may have) outside — we’re assuming, just for sex can get pretty exhausting, so missionary will need to be your go-to position.