Girl Busted For Going Braless Is Your Newest Feminist Hero

Photo: twitter
girl shamed for having boobs

Her teacher couldn't stop staring at her boobs and SHE was the one who got reprimanded for it. BOO.

Kaitlyn Juvik is a high school student in Montana with boobs. 

She's in the news right now because of those boobs. 

That's right, a high school aged girl has made headlines because of her rack. 

You see, for the past year Kaitlyn, a student in Montana, hasn't worn a bra. She didn't stop wearing one as a dramatic political statement. To my knowledge, she never burned all of her bras in a trash can in her back yard. She also didn't stop wearing them to subscribe to some warped idea of what sexy is for young women.

Kaitlyn stopped wearing a bra because bras are deeply uncomfortable. It's a simple as that. But because she was born a woman, her relationship to her boobs is turned into a public issue. 

When we start developing, bras are an exciting right of passage. Picking out different colors and designs, that's just as cool and new as wearing tampons. Both are markers of entry into the bloody swollen club that is womanhood. 

It isn't until the novelty of bleeding once a month and stabby underwire wears off that most women are ready and willing to admit that they hate their bras. The things are shackles we strap around our chests and the moment we get home and can whip them off deserves to be scored by George Michael's Freedom every single time. 

Kaitlyn has figured this out while she's still a teenager. She deserves praise, not censure. 

Her choice in attire went unnoticed until a male teacher recently complained to the administration that one of her outfits was making him uncomfortable. 

Kaitlyn was called to the principal's office where she was given a lecture about breaking the dress code. She quickly realized what they meant was "not wearing a bra", which actually isn't something required in said code. 

She quickly snapped a photo of the offending outfit, a baggy off the shoulder black tee-shirt and NOT VISIBLE nipple covers. The image went viral among her peers who did something amazing.

The next day at school, none of the girls wore bras, and all of the boys wore bras over their shirts. It should give adults pause that a gang of teenagers can see the idiocy and hypocrisy unfolding and comment on it through peaceful action, essentially being more effective than our current bipartisan political system. 

The school didn't react kindly. They haven't issued an apology, and they probably won't. Since when has the patriarchy ever apologized for putting a woman down? In fact, the statement the school has issued is essentially just mansplaining. Principal Steven Thennis says: "I'm done talking about it other than to say this wasn't the mass protest that everybody has made it out to be. Kaitlyn can continue to tell her side of the story, but I've spent enough time on this."

What's galling to me is that a male teacher alerted his boss that the way a teenage girl was dressed made him feel uncomfortable and the GIRL was called out. THE GIRL. A man who is paid to teach young woman was so discomfited by the way she was dressed that he had to get help, and the girl is the one to blame. Woefully not atypical, but egregiously hypocritical. 

It's not that different an issue than public breastfeeding. A woman feeding her baby, and a woman walking down the street wearing a shirt should not be punished for their anatomy, its function, or its very existence. THEY are not the problem. YOU and your prurience, arousal, and disgust are the problem.