6 Ways To Make Going Down On You Is His FAVORITE Hobby

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6 Ways To Make Giving You Oral Sex His Favorite Hobby

By Sujeiry Gonzalez

There’s a myth that white men love to give oral sex. Latino men... not so much. I haven’t been with enough gringos to compare, but what if you love receiving cunninlingus and your hombre rather eat a rotten grapefruit than go downtown?

Your needs must be met, chica! So let’s find a solution. Here are ways to get him to go down on you, according to a slew of sexperts:

1. Suck him

Sometimes the best way to receive is to give. That’s also the case during oral sex. But don’t give him head begrudgingly or just because you want him to lick your kitty cat. Christine Gutierrez, psychotherapist, emotional empowerment coach and author, suggests that you “suck his penis as an act of worship.” Lick him with love and honor! What does that look like?

“Allow yourself to tune into his breath and pleasure, and let that pleasure pulsate through your body,” Gutierrez explains. “Activate all of your senses. Get out of your mind and be free.” If that doesn’t encourage him to go down on you, I don’t know what will.

2. Let him wash your vagina

Rub a dub dub get soaking wet in the tub, and let your man wash your vagina. That way there’s anticipation before the act, and he knows you’re so fresh and so clean, especially if his issue “boils down to hygiene,” says Eboni Harris, relationship and family therapist.

“There may be a lack of understanding or their knowledge may only be that pee and blood comes from that area,” she expands, which is why it’s important to educate him — and let him soap you up in the tub. “Knowledge and participation may be the key to unlock his hesitation.”

3. Use toys

Much like you hope he ejaculates in 2.2 seconds when you’re blowing him, he wants you to climax just as fast — so his tongue can rest! “Let’s be real: tongues can get tired after 10, 15 or 20 minutes, so using fingers or a vibrator to continue stimulating the clit allows him to take a break,” suggests Kim Ibricevic, sexpert and manager at Eve’s Garden.

It also takes the pressure off of him to make you cum just with the lick of his tongue.

4. Get in position

Speaking of pressure, lure your man into providing cunnilingus by assuring him you’ve discovered a sexual position that may do the trick. When it comes to climaxing during oral sex, “position is key,” says Ibricevic. “Some women need a little elevation to cum while being orally stimulated.”

What position helps? Ibricevic recommends placing the palms of your hands on your lower back while using your arms to spread your legs. “This gives her a little elevation, which will help her achieve an orgasm.”

5. Be open to questions

Maybe he’s intimidated by the vage. Maybe he doesn’t know what to do to make you climax during oral sex. So tell him you’re open to communicating and answering his questions. “When discussing sexual interests and desires, couples should work hard to create a no-judgment zone,” Harris expresses, “this means that no topic is off limits.”

He may also need you to lead him to your Promise Land. “If you feel comfortable, let your man take a tour beyond the labia. Encourage him to touch, smell and even breathe some cool and warm breaths and watch how your body reacts,” Harris continues. The more comfortable he is with your cuca, the better. 

6. That sexy tone

You know what tone to use to turn him on, so use it to seduce him, Gutierrez suggests. She also advises women to compliment a man before shoving his face down your cooch. “Encourage him,” she adds, “hold his hair. Guide him.”

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Use phrases like, “‘Yes that feels good, right there, baby. Just like that.’” This reassurance will make him feel like a confident lion. And you, Diosa, deserve to get your kitty cat licked by the king of the jungle! 

This article was originally published at Latina. Reprinted with permission from the author.