7 People Reveal The BIGGEST Lie Someone's Told Them To Get Laid

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People Reveal The Biggest Lie Someones Told Them To Get Laid

People are the WORST.

It's not new news: people will make up all sorts of garbage and pick-up lines to get someone in the sack. All too often the creativity they lack in planning dates or showing they care will come at you ten-fold when it involves them getting off. Here are some real winners.

1. He used the bait and switch.

"One time I went on a date with this guy who swore he was a Wall Street banker. He picked me up in a Porsche 918 Spyder and drove us to one of my favorite restaurants. After we ate, we went back to my place and got busy. The next day I found his wallet. Inside was his work ID. After a little Facebook stalking I found that he was third grade teacher and that the car was part of an elaborate plan with his friends to get laid. Well... it worked." Pam

2. He faked a degree from UCLA.

"I met a guy at a mutual friend's birthday party. He was 26, tall, good looking and clean cut, so we started flirting. He ended up asking me out and I agreed. On our first date, he started to get a little too drunk, but I thought perhaps he was nervous and let it go. After I told him about what I was working on, I asked him what he did and he told me he was at UCLA grad school finishing up a psychopharmacology degree. Our mutual friend really had his sh*t together so it didn't surprise me and I didn't question it. We actually started dating after that night and he was the perfect gentleman.

And then the sh*t hit the fan about two months in. He ended up getting plastered one weekend ALONE, and when I contacted his friends to see what was going on, they became worried, so we all went over to his house to make sure he was OKk. He had totally trashed his apartment and was just a drunk mess. When I mentioned off-hand that I couldn't believe someone about to finish their psychopharmacology degree would behave like this, his friends looked at me like I was crazy.

That's when the truth came out. He had gotten kicked out of UCLA after his first semester nine years prior, due to not one but THREE DUIs within the same year. In order to avoid prison, he went to rehab for a year. Apparently, he knew I wouldn't date someone with no ambition because I 'had so much.'" Diane

3. He flat-out lied about his relationship status.

"'I'm single!' Sadly, I got that fairly regularly in my party days. Mostly it would be just a lie of omission, but I've definitely gotten the straight-up dirty lie." Gina

4. He claimed his ex was a ghost who kept sleeping with him.

"The biggest lie I was ever told by a guy is quite elaborate. He told me that he hadn't dated since 2008 because his fianceé died from cancer. I admit I felt sorry for him. I realized I may have been 'had' when he later revealed that her spirit had been visiting him and sleeping with him since she died, and that her ghost had gotten rid of all his new dating prospects by scaring them!" —Sam

5. He was leaving for the war.

"A guy I 'just wasn't that into' once convinced me to take a romantic weekend getaway with him because he was going to be deployed to Iraq right after 9/11. What could I say? I support the troops. Later, I learned that he was just in the National Guard and that his deployment was just something that 'could possibly happen.' Yep, it never did." Shana

6. He tried to push an open relationship.

"Open relationships sometimes really exist, but in this case, the guy just claimed when he was on business travel and that he and his wife had a 'don't ask, don't' tell policy. Maybe it was true for him, but absolutely not something that would work for me." Melissa

7. He overplayed his "life stress."

"Think someone wouldn't try to make you feel sorry for them so you'll sleep with them? They totally do. All the time. It happened to me. He was in such a 'funk' I wanted to help him out of. But all he really wanted was to have help getting out of his pants." Amy