You Can't Start This Week Til You Check In With Your Horoscope

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Fun, Free Work & Love Horoscope For May 22 - 28

Free horoscope for May 22 - 28. Plus, your sign's weekly theme song!

Gemini: Happy birthday Gemini! Already the universe is gifting you, with Mercury finally going direct. Woot, woot! Progress is on the horizon.

This week is setting the stage for new beginnings in this new birthday year for you. Looks like you'll have some decisions to make around partnership. In love, it could be someone from the past or someone new — but things are different this time. If you start heading down the same disappointing path, don't waste your time. Apply the same solid logic to your career.

You're making positive changes on the inside and outside right now. Spa day, shopping or new hair are in order. Treat yourself for your big day! The birthday glow is in full effect and you're turning heads all week, especially Sunday. Make sure you get out and about to celebrate the new fabulous you.

Gemini's weekly theme song: So Alive —Love And Rockets

Cancer: It's a Mercury Monday, meaning FINALLY Mercury's heading direct! You've been plotting behind the scenes to focus on some major dreams and goals, and now is the time to leap into action. You'll feel supported this week by your squad and the universe as a whole.

People are popping up from the past, and it seems like there's some unfinished business or resolutions you need to come to. This is where lessons are learned and you finally see why you are crossing paths with this person again. Keep your head on straight and don't let the emo waters wash over you. Stay strong and detached until you know what to do.

Your energy is high as the weekend approaches, and Sunday is full of romance (if you so choose). It's up to you, but seems like you should get out there and make the most of your doting admirers!

Cancer's weekly theme song: Kiss Them For Me —Siouxsie & The Banshees

Leo: Love is in the air for you! Single Leos may be hearing from a past love or running into friends you lost touch with. There's a lot of harmony this week around personal relationships for you, but when it comes to family or work, you may feel like butting heads with anyone in authority over you. Try not to let your stubborn side shine right now. Things have been going really well on the career front and you don't want to rattle the boat too much.

This week, take in all the information you can and pause before you make any decisions. Keep a calm, clear head and you'll know what to do. Change can be positive and you can direct which way the change takes you. You got this! 

Leo's weekly theme song: Friday I'm In Love —The Cure

Virgo: It's time to revamp things — everything from your wardrobe to your job. Professional opportunities are on the horizon, so dress for success. You want to be noticed right now, so stand out of the crowd.

It's time to turn that loyalty you feel to others to yourself. You need to use pure logic right now to get to where you wanna go. Leave nostalgia and sentiment behind this week. You need to stay strong and focus on your future. Do this for you!

Make room for romance midweek when others are noticing your new glow. Taking the effort to push your dreams forward will draw more to you than you can even imagine, and with Mercury finally direct you can do this!

Virgo's weekly theme song: Got The Feeling —Jeff Beck Group

Libra: Mercury is finally direct, and it's heating things up for you in the romance department. Things especially heat up from Thursday on, so singles need to make sure you're out where you can get noticed. Your calm balanced energy may be drawing some brazen outgoing types, but you don't mind that at all. You like being entertained and could use someone with some fire for your air.

You may feel a little tension mid-week when it comes to your job, but think of it as a tiny test rather than a full-on meltdown. Sometimes, we need to reassess where we are and where we want to go to move forward. You want fulfillment, and the ability to use your skill set — so make sure you are.

All in all, you're expressing yourself this week in a multitude of ways. Enjoy the expansion!

Libra's weekly theme song: The Best Things In Life Are Free —Janet Jackson & Luther Vandross

Scorpio: This might feel like an all-or-nothing week for you. You'll see some great opportunities right at the start of the week to have things you've been dreaming of. This could be anything from a career opportunity to a new or returning love. All this activity might be bringing up a lot of emotional activity for you, but you're never one to be afraid of delving deep into emotion. Don't shy away from what things may come up for you. This is a great week to examine your deepest desires and fears and not let the fears drown the chance for those desires.

All this internal analyzing can be exhausting, but your energy picks up by the weekend and Sunday is a super sexy day if you so choose. Stay strong and know everything is working out for the best!

Scorpio's weekly theme song: Out From The Deep —Enigma

Sagittarius: We know that with change comes some stress. That's normal. For you this week, you might feel some tension but it's about focusing on what you want 100% right now and making it happen.

This is especially true for your love life. If you've been wanting to pair up with someone and you're tired of flying solo, you may find this week brings someone new into the picture. Make it very clear what you're looking for and keep in mind what you don't want more of. You want to grow in your choices, and you can. Be positive and thoughtful because you don't want to end up having the same old love. You want a recharge or a whole new beginning!

Sagittarius' weekly theme song: Off The Ground —The Record Company

Capricorn: Hope you like the heat, because the spotlight is shining on you this week! Make sure you get out and give the paparazzi a chance to see you in all your dazzle.

A relationship with a certain someone is getting more intense. You could be making a commitment and deleting those dating apps for good — you need room on your phone for the million pictures of you two, after all. Opportunity comes knocking from Thursday on, so work that magic in your career as well.

There's certainly love in the air and a sort of enchantment around you right now. Enjoy this energy and make the most of it.

Capricorn's weekly theme song: Lips Like Sugar —Echo And The Bunnymen

Aquarius: This is a time of some tension for you, but also a chance at new beginnings. Romance heats up especially at the end of the week, but it’s also a time to decide if you’re moving forward or not with someone. Are you both willing to dive into things? You’ll apply the same thought and logic to your career. Are you happy or where you always envisioned yourself?

Gather your squad for support as you move forward with these big decisions. And whatever you do, follow your gut! You always have everyone’s back, so let them have yours now. You deserve it!

Aquarius' weekly theme song: I'm Legit —Nicki Minaj

Pisces: You’ve been plowing forward in your career — now you take a moment to assess how far you’ve come. Do you feel closer to your goals, or do you feel that somehow you took the wrong fork in the road? If you aren’t feeling great about where your life is heading, remember you are the one who can change things. It’s your life, your move and you have the ability to change what you desire to. It’s a good week to strategize and get on track.

Sunday you’re raking in attention so don't sit at home! Get out and mingle... You never know if a connection you make will lead to furthering your dreams in career or even in love. What do you have to lose!?

Pisces' weekly theme song: Soundcheck —Catfish And The Bottlemen

Aries: Love gets intense this week, especially on Sunday. If you’ve already got your bae by your side, expect things to hit a new level of intimacy. Single Rams are likely to meet someone now too, so stay open.

You feel a little tension this week, and might do some serious soul searching. It seems as if the universe is testing you and bringing up some past challenges. You got this! Just plan accordingly and turn your words into action — we know how much you love being in action mode. So don’t stress, just put that fiery energy to good use!

​Aries' weekly theme song: Girls —Santigold

Taurus: It’s been a whirlwind Taurus, hasn’t it? Despite your aversion to change, you’ve come through all this with flying colors. Hold on to that and believe in your strength to ride the waves because this week might get rocky again. You're a strong earth sign, so follow your intuition and realize no matter what, you'll be fine and all will be well. Whether the changes come through a love affair or at work, it’s better you see things for what they are.

Stay calm and carry on!

Taurus' weekly theme song: Hold On —Alabama Shakes