WTF: There's A New Shirt That Lets Men Jerk Off In Public

Photo: JerkShirt

It's called JerkShirt because OF COURSE IT IS.

Everyone has experienced getting a little hot and bothered during the day. But most sane people know better to wait to go home and masturbate. Those who don't go at it in public; they are breaking the law and can be put away in handcuffs.

But one new product is aiming to help the latter with a very crazy shirt.

JerkShirt is a patent-pending shirt that's cut very low to cover the crotch area so other people can't see what you're doing.

Don't want to make a mess once you finish? Well, the shirt also has a splash guard so you don't get too messy. There's also a comical prosthetic arm to act as a decoy so no one notices what your hand is actually doing.

The arm comes in four colors including light, beige, tan, and dark to match different skin tones.

Are there actually enough creepy customers in the world to buy this product? Their site provides only three testimonials from men about the product.

"I decided to wear Jerkshirt to work and I knew it would be stressful day," said Toby, according to the website. "Little did my co-workers know I was jerking in my shirt! I even got a high-five for finishing my project early! Thank you JerkShirt!"

OK, even if your coworkers don't know about it, don't masturbate at work. You're there to work, not pleasure yourself. Plus, it's not a hygienic thing to do in a public place. 

Who knows if real people will actually by this product, but it could probably make a wonderful gag gift for a bachelor party. The company behind the product is CamSoda, a website for webcam models. So we can only assume what other products they make.

Check out the video below for more information about JerkShirt: