The Best Dating App Ever Matches You On This Hysterical Criteria

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Online Dating App Matches You On Your Burrito Preferences

Basically all of our dating problems are solved now.

In this day and age of social media and online dating, there's really no shortage of online dating apps for all kinds of people with various interests. So just when you thought online dating couldn't get weirder, or more interesting, here comes a new way to meet a possible life partner. 

The technology-driven dating company Zoosk launched Burrit-OH!, "A new, game-changing burrito compatibility framework to match potential daters and firmly insert burritos into every aspect of the online dating experience."

That's right, folks. The fate of your love life now lies in the hands of your burrito preferences. The app matches you with a potential date based on whether you like the "butt" of the burrito or not.

Are you a carne asada lover or grilled chicken aficionado? Perhaps you prefer plain rice and have a deep distrust of those who put peas in their burrito rice? All this, the Burrit-OH! app takes into consideration.

According to Zoosk software engineer and Burrit-OH! contributor, the new generation of online daters are far more sophisticated than those of the past when it comes to dating online.

"They're tired of matching on trivial things and are looking for a more meaningful way to connect. We've found that way, and that way is burritos," he said.

He continued, "Burrit-OH!’s 32 Ingredients™ framework calculates matches using real math ... like algorithms; formulas; addition and subtraction; the Pythagorean theorem; sine, cosine, and tangent; and even that weird one with -b and the ± square root in it."

Interactions on the app are also all burrito-related. A "match" is taken a notch higher as they are now a "burrito-match." Users are free to talk and discuss the politics of burrito, and they will not be judged for it. 

All images: Zoosk

So, go explore and find love through this fun app while it lasts (Zoosk created it for April Fool's)! If you're lucky and find yourself a burrito-match, that's one thing you already have in common. Now, it's time to discover them.