Twitter Created Its Own 5-Word Erotic Stories And It's SO Magical

Photo: WeHeartIt


Typically, the erotica we read is set in faraway lands with romance so intensely unbelievable it's only place is in fiction. While these erotic stories are fun to read (especially out loud, in a public library), they are in no way realistic. 

Twitter set out to level the sexy playing field with the hashtag #My5WordRomanceNovel, and the results were glorious. Behold, Twitter erotic stories: 

1. Some were slightly depressing. 

2. Some were too reminiscent from high school. 

3. Some were still totally unrealistic.

4. Some reminded us of why we only buy our personal items online. 

5. Some were a bit concerning. 

6. Some were all too familiar. 

7. And some were completely ON POINT.