Just What You've ALWAYS Wanted: A Purse Made Out Of Condoms

Photo:  Bags By Mags
A Purse Made Out Of Condoms

Stay safe — and fashionable?

What a time to be alive! Women are becoming more and more open about their sexuality. The topic of sex is no longer as taboo as it was before. Though women have made great strides, the social issue of slut-shaming is still rampant, and it keeps women from expressing and taking control of their sexual needs. 

It's important for women to know that they have control and can make decisions about their own bodies, and this includes protection during intercourse. In fact, 80 percent of 226,000 women of child-bearing age are HIV-positive, according to WomensHealth.gov.

To raise awareness about using condomsBags By Mags launched the "I'm Covered" campaign "to encourage women to proudly display responsibility and respect for their bodies." Partnering with LifeStyles, designer Maggie Kervick created a line of vinyl bags that look like SKYN Condom wrappers. 

"In today’s society, if a guy carries a condom he is considered prepared, but if a girl carries a condom she is considered a 'bad girl,'" says Kervick. "I want this bag to break down those stereotypes, because no one is invincible to any of the risks of not wearing a condom."

Photo: Bags By Mags

The purchase of each bag comes with a sample pack of Lifestyle condoms. Grab your own and spread the word that you're an empowered woman who knows what she wants, and so should other women.