5 Cheap (Or FREE!!!) Dates For The Couples Who've Done It All

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Make her feel like a million bucks even though you're only spending a few.

By Anya Hollis

As couples, we love to go out. I know my partner in crime and myself love to have an adult nights out without the kiddos. Our only problem is that all of the fun adult stuff is expensive. Simple things, such as dinner and maybe a show, can eat up all of the entertainment budget, and leave you guys bored at home watching TV on date night.

No worries. There’s hope. There are ways to go out to multiple places and have a wonderful time all on a budget. There are ways to have a night on the town and it can be cost effective.

1. Take a look at the events calendar for your city and go to be free fests. 

Not only will you have a new experience to share, but they are usually free or under $10. Some form of cheap food and entertainment is guaranteed to be there. There is usually more than one thing going on, and if you plan, you can do various things in one day or make an entire event filled weekend.

2. Have a picnic in the park. 

There is nothing like a picnic. Grab your favorite wine or spirit, simple snacks, blankets or chairs (I recommend blankets if the weather permits because they allow for more closeness) find a quiet spot and enjoy one another.

3. Take a walk through a new neighborhood. 

Bigger houses and better neighborhoods provide grounds for the two of you to grow dreams together. Admire the architecture and landscaping.

4. Take a free exercise class together. 

New gyms are always opening and offering free trial classes. So try one out together. The experience will be a shared one, and nothing beats working out with your honey and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

5. Watch a cooking show and prepare a new meal that you think your lovely will enjoy. 

Maybe dress up and wait on them hand and foot throughout the dinner. Nothing pleases a person more than knowing you took the time to do something so special for them. Maybe get a Redbox movie or if you have cable order a movie. Come on this is date night.

This article was originally published at The Good Men Project. Reprinted with permission from the author.