Mets Vs. Royals Fans: Study Reveals Who's Better In Bed...

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mets vs. royals

We'll refrain from making a "homerun" joke.

Ahhh, baseball. America's pastime. We don't often write about sports here at YourTango, but in the spirit of the ongoing World Series, you bet we have our own little spin to add.

In an e-mail sent to YourTango, the SKNY Condoms 2015 Millennial Sex Survey examined the bedroom habits of fans of the two teams: the New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals.

This is what they found:

1. Royals fans are better at using protection.

60 percent of Royals fans use condoms always or most of the time, while only 47 percent of Mets fans do the same.

2. Mets fans have more sex during the World Series.

65 percent of Mets fans report having sex several times per week, but only 48 percent of Royals fans report doing the same.

3. Royals fans are players.

1 in 5 Royals fans report to have slept with 15 or more partners. Wow. But Mets fans? Only 15 percent have had more than 15 partners.

4. Both fans love the idea of role play.

Mets fans love role playing the school girl fantasy, while Royals fans prefer the strangers fantasy.

5. Royals fans tend to lie about their penis size.

39 percent of Royals fans self-report themselves as 7.1" or larger, whereas 21 percent of Mets fans claim the same. Only 30 percent of partners of both fans claim that their partners are larger than 7.1".

6. Royals fans are more likely to prefer a sex partner who is 10 or more years older.

Mets fans prefer someone 10 years or more younger.

7. Royals fans are four times more likely to have sex with a relative's partner than Mets fans.

Now that's just (base)ballsy.

8. More Royals fans masturbate daily than Mets fans.

1 in 3 Royals fans masturbate at least once a day, and 1 in 5 Mets fans masturbate in the same frequency.