Teen Has The BEST Response To Men Who Don't Want To Wear Condoms

Photo: weheartit
Teen Has BEST Response

She's our new she-ro.

When you're 14, you're just beginning to find your voice. Well, most of us were. I guess some girls have no awkward stage.

Imgur user dogsandcatsandlemursohmy posted a picture of a sex education quiz about how to handle objections to condoms. Little did she know that the image would take over the internet, or that it would show women the best possible way to shut down a condom-phobe.

The user was suspended from her school, but obviously shouldn't have gotten penalized for her answers. Instead, she should've gotten an A+, and a book deal.

Photo: Imgur/dogsandcatsandlemursohmy

Her answers are hilarious, cutting straight through the crap.

Objection: They cost too much. 
Response: STD Treatments and babies cost more.

Objection: Just this once; we hardly ever have sex.
Response: Now you know why. 

Objection: Condoms are gross; they're messy; I hate them.
Response: So are babies. 

But the best answer that can be used in a variety of situations is this one:

Objection: I don't have a condom with me.
Response: I don't have my vagina with me.

Think about it. Some guy is trying to get you to go home with him and you're not interested. You can smile and say, "Oh, I'm sorry, I don't have my vagina with me." Or, post it on Twitter: "You guys, I got to the party and realized I didn't have my vagina with me. #OutWithoutMyVag."

Nobody move! Now, where did I leave my vagina?