The 15 Most Amazing Cities For Newlyweds To Live, Says Study

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Did your city make the list?

Marriage is a new chapter in every couple's life. And part of this new chapter also includes finding a place to live.

It can be tricky looking for the best place for you and your new spouse to live. You have budgets to think about, and if you want to start a family you have to consider location, location, location.

Luckily, rental site Rent.com has produced a list of the best 15 cities to live for newlywed couples, based on safety, affordability, the median household income, and millennial percentage, among other things.

1. Santa Clara, CA: Located in the center of Silicon Valley, Rent.com describes it as "a perfect location for an astute newlywed couple looking to plant their roots."

  • Median rent (two-bedroom): $900
  • Median household income: $88,953
  • Millennial population: 26%

2. Orem, UT: Perfect for couples who love the great outdoors, Orem is "known for its friendly neighborhoods and suburban family feel."

  • Median rent (two-bedroom): $893
  • Median household income: $52,607
  • Millennial population: 29%

3. Vista, CA: Beach lovers will adore Vista as it's only seven miles away from the Pacific Ocean. It also has the AVO Playhouse and The Moonlight Amphitheater, perfect for arts-y couples.

  • Median rent (two-bedroom): $1,450
  • Median household income: $54,264
  • Millennial population: 25%

4. Quincy, MA: Quincy is the place for lovers of American history, as it was the home of two US Presidents, John Adams and John Quincy Adams. It also "spans twenty-seven miles of coastline, beaches, and acres of beautiful parks."

  • Median rent (two-bedroom): $1,681
  • Median household income: $60,855
  • Millennial population: 25%

5. Greeley, CO: Want to ensure that your future children will have the best college education? Greeley is home to some of the best colleges in the country, like Aims Community College, the Academy of Natural Therapy, University of Northern Colorado, and the Institute of Business & Medical Careers. Residents also celebrate annual festivals like Cinco de Mayo, an Arts Picnic in Lincoln Park, Oktoberfest, and the Festival of Trees. 

  • Median rent (two-bedroom): $800
  • Median household income: $43,579
  • Millennial population: 25%

6. Somerville, MA: Somerville is one of the most diverse cities in the country, known for its many squares that mark up neighborhood boundaries. You'll easily find a niche. 

  • Median rent (two-bedroom): $2,288
  • Median household income: $63,192
  • Millennial population: 42%

7. Arlington, VA: Arlington is one of the closest city to the capital, so it thrives on historical sites such as the Air Force Memorial and National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial, in addition to the various entertainment, shopping, and dining locations. It's the perfect combination of education and leisure. 

  • Median rent (two-bedroom): $2,100
  • Median household income: $97,708
  • Millennial population: 32%

8. Lincoln, NE: Lincoln has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country and the lowest median rate for a 2-bedroom apartment. With a high rate for the median household income, it most definitely is an affordable city for newlyweds who struggle to make ends meet.

  • Median rent (two-bedroom): $625
  • Median household income: $50,398
  • Millennial population: 26%

9. San Diego, CA: 

With a mild year-round climate, gorgeous harbor, and many beaches, living in San Diego feels like you and your spouse are always on your honeymoon. In addition, it also offers a great night life and food scene for the party animals and the foodies. 

  • Median rent (two-bedroom): $2,095
  • Median household income: $63,930
  • Millennial population: 27%

10. Lewisville, TX: Need a reason to move to Texas? Maybe Lewisville's warm climate, sheer number of parks, good quality schools, and overall safety can convince you.

  • Median rent (two-bedroom): $1,218
  • Median household income: $55,910
  • Millennial population: 27%

11. Newport News, VA: Rent.com describes Newport News as perfect for "nautical" couples due to the James River and many gorgeous beaches along the Atlantic. Not to mention it's also really affordable to live there.

  • Median rent (two-bedroom): $725
  • Median household income: $50,601
  • Millennial population: 25%

12. Costa Mesa, CA: Shopping-loving couples would love it in Costa Mesa, which is known for its retail industry. Located in the city is one of the largest shopping centers in the country, the South Coast Plaza.

  • Median rent (two-bedroom): $1,795
  • Median household income: $67,131
  • Millennial population: 27%

13. Fort Collins, CO: Couples who love nature should consider Fort Collins, known for its endless paths and trails. It also has one of the top-rated public schools in the country, which is perfect if you're thinking of starting a family.

  • Median rent (two-bedroom): $1,100
  • Median household income: $50,316
  • Millennial population: 31%

14. Lexington-Fayette, KY: Horse lovers will love Lexington-Fayette, as it's home to two historic racing tracks, Keeneland and The Red Mile Harness Track.

  • Median rent (two-bedroom): $775
  • Median household income: $48,637
  • Millennial population: 26%

15. Alexandria, VA: Alexandria has the 7th highest-income city in all of Virginia. Being close to the capital presents many opportunities for civil service and federal government jobs.

  • Median rent (two-bedroom): $2,600
  • Median household income: $82,856
  • Millennial population: 26%

So which city looks promising to you and your spouse?