5 Clever Ways To Weed Out Losers At A Bar (According To Rom Coms)

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We tested the best ways to attract true gentlemen.

By Allison Gutman

​Since the dawn of bars, women have spent countless hours primping, prepping and preening in an attempt to attract the right suitors. After recent weeks of research (which included watching every chick flick ever created and then testing our theories at bars) we've discovered looking our best may lead to attracting the worst. 

So unplug that curling iron, put down the tweezers and read our guide to the best way to draw in the gents.

1. Pair Booze With Books

If Jessica Alba's crop tops failed to win over the school's hottest teacher but Drew Barrymore's love of Shakespeare succeeded, you can bet a book will help you on your quest for love.

Sitting with a book at a quiet bar doubles as an easy out if a dud heads your way and is an obvious opportunity for interested guys to start a conversation. Plus, if a guy is talking to you about your book, odds are he's literate, which seems to be a rare find these days.

2. RBF Is A Girl's Best Friend 

If Rachel Leigh Cook can pull off a resting bitch face in that falafel hat, you can certainly handle one at the bar. RBFs let suitors know that talking to you will be no easy task, and somehow this encourages them to try significantly harder.

Really want to set up a challenge for that guy you're checking out? Throw on a pair of glasses to create an actual physical barrier in addition to the virtual one your RBF already set up.

3. Hair Maintenance Is Over-Rated

OK so maybe Anne Hathaway takes it a little too far, but we're firm believers in scheduling the wax AFTER you've met the guy. Not only does perfect grooming jinx your odds of meeting someone, but all that effort spent tweezing, shaving, waxing etc. is likely to leave you too exhausted to care about the hottie three seats away.

4. Don't Hide Your Hobbies

Brittany Murphy's honesty about her love of tiny green martians helped her find her perfect match during her first day at a new school. Although we're not suggesting you show up covered in Taylor Swift paraphernalia, being upfront about your somewhat strange hobbies helps weed out the judgmental jerks quickly.

5. Natural Always Beats Plastics

As long as you don't smell like a baby prostitute, people won't care if you're a home-schooled jungle freak. Leave the face contouring to Kim Kardashian and stick to a more natural look.

If you meet a guy who's only interested after you've spent hours perfecting your face, you'll probably have to quit your job to keep the relationship going.

This article was originally published at Guest of a Guest. Reprinted with permission from the author.