10 Theories About Why Gwen and Gavin Are Got Divorced

Photo: Warners Bros and NBC
Gavin Rossdale from Constantine and Gwen Stefani from The Voice

The '90s are truly over.

In case you still believed in love, prepare to be heartbroken. Gavin Rossadale and Gwen Stefani have announced that they're getting divorced. This is pretty shocking.

We'll give you a minute to go collect yourself.

OK, now that you've listened to all of your old No Doubt and/or (but probably not) Bush albums, it's time to focus. How could this happen? They've been together for so long — how could their marriage fall apart now?

Well, obviously a lot has changed since they got married. The world has changed, but so have Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani.

While we can't know for certain what happened, here are the reasons we're pretty why they’re getting a divorce. Don't speak, just read it silently to yourself.

1. They both remind each other too much of the '90s.

There's a reason why '80s nostalgia is much more popular than '90s nostalgia. Both Rossdale and Stefani got their big breaks in the '90s. Imagine having to be reminded about mid-'90s grunge and ska constantly? Ugh.

2. He prefers flannel to sexy marching band costumes.

At first, they might have seemed like a pretty good fit. Then, Stefani started dressing herself like she was trying to get kicked out of marching band. He seems like a pretty laid back guy, and she seems like an anime cartoon character. That can't mix all that easily.

3. Gwen just couldn't turn her chair to face Gavin anymore.

After being a judge on The Voice, Gwen probably learned a few new things about judging people. If Gavin walked into the room and she wasn't facing him, she probably found herself not turning her chair. If she doesn't want him on her team, then how could the marriage even have a chance?

4. Not enough fans voted for the marriage.

Even if she did turn her chair, that just earns him a spot on the team. If her fans weren't vocal enough in their support of the marriage, she might have just dropped him out of instinct. That brings us to the point ...

5. She's a reality star; he's barely a TV star.

They've both transitioned from being rock stars to television stars, just not the same type of star. He's getting (some) acting work, while she's appearing on a reality competition show. That probably doesn't mix too well. When he gets home, he just wants to go off script, but she's been off script all day.

6. Turns out, Gavin is into Hollaback girls.

The heart wants what the heart wants. I can't imagine that Gavin Rossdale even knew what a "hollaback girl" was before Gwen sang about her dislike for them. Once he found out about them, maybe he just couldn't resist their holla-backing ways?

7. Most of her biggest hits are about heartbreak.

Aside from the previously mentioned "Hollaback Girl," most of Stefani's biggest hits are about heartbreak. She's been trying to re-launch her music career, but it's not working so great. Maybe she just needed to force a little inspiration to come her way via a divorce?

8. They both just wanted to be in the headlines again,

When we heard about the breakup, one of our first reactions was, "Oh yeah, those two still exist." Let's be fair, neither one of them is really making headlines right now. If it wasn't for this, no one would even be talking about Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani today.

9. Gwen is most likely dating Voice co-star Blake Shelton. 

Maybe Gavin's wandering eye is not the reason for their split after all. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani seem to be dating ... how long has that been going on? 

10. The REAL Final, Official Reason? 

Gavin had an affair with the nanny, Mindy Mann. Sigh.