Whoa! This New Australian Marsupial Literally F*cks Itself To Death

Photo: Pinterest

Talk about extreme animal sex.

Many people claim that men's main goal is to have to sex as much as possible, with as many women as possible, to make sure their genetic material lives on. But science has found that some animals truly live that way.

Researchers found two new species of a rare marsupial in the forests of Australia called antechinus that is on the verge of extinction, according to IFL Science!. So, how are the males coping?

The males are maturing quickly to get lucky in the last days of life. The antechinus lives for a year, and in the last two weeks it matures and becomes driven by testosterone. It's so focused on sex that it doesn't stop to eat or sleep during this time. The antechinus then begin to die due to lack of food or sleep.

Sex is basically a suicide mission for them.

Crazy things are happening inside their bodies at this time, too. Their blood increases to dangerous levels due to stress. After weeks of neglecting itself to have sex, their immune system collapses, they lose their fur, have internal bleeding, get ulcers, and become more susceptible to parasites.

That's so sad. Antechinus aren't the only animals that are extreme when it comes to sex; check out eight of the grossest things animals do for love