Good News, Jews: Kosher Vibrators Are Officially A Thing Now

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Rabbi Alexander is on a mission to help the sex lives of Orthodox Jews.

There are always new innovations when it comes to sex toys. People like different things. There are floggers for the BDSM crowd, vibrators that are tied to erotic literature for the book lovers, and edibles for people who love sweets.

But you know who has been long overlooked? Orthodox Jews! Thankfully, that's all going to change because of this interesting rabbi in the West Bank.

Rabbi Natan Alexander has come across many Jewish couples dissatisfied with their sex life. In order to help them, he began legally selling sex toys online on his website, BeBetter2gether, according to Bloomberg.

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The Rabbi identifies as a religious nationalist, meaning he's devout but also likes some things about modern life.

"Of course, I could find them rabbis, but these women come from serious haredi families who aren't going to listen to a religious nationalist," Alexander tells Bloomberg. "Instead, I offered to find her the right product that replaces the man."

This is huge because Ger Hasidic subset is not allowed to do things like kiss each other's bodies or have sex after midnight.

Sex toys are allowed, however, they believe going to a place that sells them is something God would disapprove of, due to explicit pictures. His customers are mainly residents from the suburbs of Jerusalem and Alexander, thanksfully, doesn't seem to be getting that much push back, according to The Times Of Israel.

Rabbi Alexander approves of all the products he sells — but it's not without controversy. 

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When his employer at Masa Israel Journey, a government program which offers scholarships and education to young adults, found out about his products he was given an ultimatum. Either break away from the site so he can focus on just his work or resign, according to Bloomberg. He chose to quit to continue his business.