15 Secrets She Tells Her Girlfriends (But Never Her Husband)

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Sorry guys! Some things stay between us gals. 

We all have secrets. Granted, most are not of the magnitude that require Olivia Pope for damage control, but still. Whether you’re holding on to the guilt of cheating on your 4th grade math test because fractions are hard or you’re scared to admit who you really voted for in that last election, secrets have a way of coming out. Sometimes we confess to our husbands but sometimes we just need to get some things off of our chests that only fellow women (with similar chests) understand.


She's still in love with boy bands.

Admitting she still carries a torch for New Kids On The Block will lead to merciless teasing. But disclosing to her girlfriends is totally okay. After all, if two grown women can't swoon together over boy band members, who can they swoon with?
How she really broke her toe.

No. It wasn't from saving a squirrel from from a collapsing tree. It was from walking. Just regular walking.
She’s not sure she's cut out to be a mom.

Yes, the baby clothes are adorable and she enjoys trying to get pregnant, but she's also terrified she won't be a good mother to those little love bugs.
She switched you to Greek yogurt weeks ago and you haven't even noticed.

It's a silent victory she celebrates. With every bite.
She doesn't understand "Game of Thrones."

Why all the incest? Why?
She wishes you'd spend less money.

She knows her Starbucks habit can get a little expensive but not nearly as bad as your monthly binges on electronics, AMIRIGHT?
She "accidentally" throws away some of your clothes from time to time.

Since you can't seem to part with your $10 polo shirts you got in college that have seen better days, she throws them away one at a time, ridding the world of faded shirts and curled up collars. And no, she hasn't seen your favorite khakis that are too short. Maybe they're in the wash.
She can't stand your family.

Yes, you're good to her family but they aren't as annoying as yours. And if she has to hear Nana tell one more story about meeting Clint Eastwood's uncle's mailman one more time she might lose her sh*t.
She thinks her primary care doctor is dreamy.

Of course she would never do anything inappropriate but the way he looks in a stethoscope makes her heart skip a beat ... which is good because an irregular heartbeat necessitates a follow up visit. A co-pay is just a small price to pay for a glimpse at those dimples.
She LOVES granny panties.

Full coverage and an elastic waisteband that won't quit. What's not to love?
She peeks at your browser history.

It's not so much that she doesn't trust you as it is she likes to make sure that if you're buying her jewelry, you're getting what she wants.
She has a private stash of Girl Scout cookies that you don't know about.

And no she won't share. They're buried in a remote location for safe keeping.
She wants mall bangs to come back into style.

It's the one 80s trend she could rock like A BOSS.
The dent in her bumper isn't from the old lady down the street rear-ending her.

And those trash cans weren't run over by the garbage truck.
She's scared of how much she loves you.

For despite all of your annoying habits, she still loves you more than anything and is terrified what she'd do if something ever happened to you.