You Can Now Officially Send Someone A Bag Of Penises

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bag of penises

This is not a drill.

So you're not getting along with someone and you want to tell them to suck it, but in a way that's not that offensive.

Maybe it's your terrible roommate who doesn't understand how to co-exist like a normal human being. Maybe it's a coworker who loves sending you super passive-aggressive emails with your boss CCed. Maybe it's your BFF who you love to pull pranks on.

Well, your problem is solved, people: A new website called D*cks By Mail will help you send those people a nice-sized bag of penises.

Not real ones, of course. (Darn.) Gummy ones!

The website allows you to anonymously send a 5 oz. bag of gummies in the shape of penises for the price of $15.99. In case the person you are sending it to doesn't get the message, the bag of gummies also comes with a giant note saying, "Eat a bag of d*cks."

"Honestly, I was drunk and a few friends joked about it. I was still a bit drunk the next day and sat down to create the site. Finding high quality [penises] and the proper domain was top priority and screwed up my search history for a long time to come," explained the creator of the website in an interview with BuzzFeed.

Ahhhh, Gotta love awesome business ideas that come after 7 gin and tonics.

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You maybe surprised, but this isn't the only company that will allow you to seek revenge on someone by sending penis-related paraphernalia.

Ship A D*ck allows you to send penis cut-outs with your message written on them, and the site even has items related to holidays to make your revenge timelier. Oh and check out this one ...

Penises for everyone!