10 Sex Acts That Are SO Underrated

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Less threesomes, more quickies!

After more than a decade in the sex writing biz, we have seen our share of sexual gimmicks come and go. We already covered the most overrated things we see in bed, so today, we would like to highlight ten perennially under-praised sex acts. Think of it as under-doggie-style! 

1. Using lube. It’s not a crutch, it’s not “insulting” or “slutty” or “presumptuous” to keep some in your nightstand, and it makes sex better for everyone. What’s not to love?

2. Manual sex. A.k.a. “hand jobs,” though we think that calling it that undermines all the heavy lifting they’re capable of doing in the bedroom. And look, Ma, no STDs!

3. Sharing a sexual fantasy out loud with your partner, during sex. You know, instead of actually asking your mail carrier if they’d like to join you in a threeway.

4. Sharing your sexual histories…before you actually sleep with each other. We don’t mean a Four Weddings and a Funeral-style recounting of every lover you’ve ever had and in what position, but rather an honest, down-to-earth, no-bullshit account of your history as it relates to your partner’s sexual health.

Just good manners, no?

5. Taking naughty Polaroids of each other. There’s the awesome retro factor, the built-in suspense mechanism, plus the fact that they’re not great with detail, which is good news for imperfections and modesty. Oh, and no incriminating negatives or “accidentally” forwardable electronic pics!

6. Quickies. Perfect if you’re tired or late for work or don’t want to choose between TV and sex…

7. Sex tapes that leave a little to the imagination. We’re talking to you, Paris.

8. Missionary position. Okay, maybe this act isn’t underrated by, say, your parents or Lou Dobbs. But for those of you who tend to treat sex like a competitive sport — your parents know a thing or two about a thing or two, okay?

9. Making out. And yes, this counts as a sex act. Shame on you if you thought it didn’t.

10. Saying “please” and making it sound dirty. Trust us, just try it.

This article was originally published at Em & Lo. Reprinted with permission from the author.