This Volunteer Organization Gives Back To Humanity—With Handjobs


Hand Angel gives out handies to those who are unable to give themselves one.

We live in an imperfect world. In this imperfect world, although we all created equal, it doesn’t mean we are all the same. Some of us are more privileged than others, some of us are taller than others, chubbier than most, funnier than their siblings, and, yes, some of us are unable to give ourselves an orgasm at any moment we choose. It’s a tragic state of affairs for that latter group, but, as I said, this world is imperfect, and life just isn’t always fair.

But the best thing about a world where there is a bit of imbalance is that those who have what others are lacking are always willing to step up the plate and help out. Volunteer work has become a part of our culture and humanity, and now such giving of oneself can be found in the form of handjob. Yes, a handjob.

Hand Angel, a Taiwan based organization, is out there pretty much doing god’s work, by giving handjobs to those who are unable to give themselves one. As Vice reports:

"Taiwan—officially known as the Republic of China—has one of the best health systems in the world; its million or so disabled citizens receive some of the most thorough medical attention you’ll find, including everything from long-term care to traditional herbal medicine. What they don’t receive from this system, however, is any kind of aid when it comes to slightly more intimate issues, namely: orgasms. It was for this reason that a group of social campaigners and volunteers took it upon themselves to create Hand Angel, an NGO whose main service is giving handjobs to the severely disabled."

It might seem strange, vulgar, or even perverse, but as the organization explains, disabled people are just as sexual as the next person, but sadly they’re often desexualized. This isn’t fair, nor is it right.

As of right now the group is only 10 people deep, and they cover a wide array of backgrounds: men, women, straight, and gay. The handjob services also allows for hugging and kissing, but penetration is off limits, because, you know, prostitution. While there isn’t any information on how much these saints are getting paid, personally, I’d love to know.

I’ve been looking for a side job and a way to build up my arm muscles. For me, this arrangement would be win-win—oh, and I’d be giving back to humanity, so that would be awesome of me, too.