The Real Reason Your Relationship Is Filled With Drama [VIDEO]


It's pretty much a given that we will all run into drama at some point in our lives. Although we likely don't seek it out, drama eventually finds us. This is painfully true when it comes to relationships. That just leads us to the following questions: Why do some people always find themselves in 'dramatic' relationships? Why do minor issues turn into life-or-death struggles for some of us? 

What can we do to handle adversity better and not turn every molehill into a mountain?

The Relationship Help Doctor Dr. Rhoberta Shaler discusses techniques to get to the root of the problem and put things in a less urgent perspective. There's no question that even in the healthiest relationship there will be adversity. That's what makes being able to spot the signs of an impending fight so important. In the video above, she offers advice for high conflict couples but it can easily be applied to lower tension situations. You can even take it a step further by checking out her new book Kaizen for Couples: Smart Steps To Save, Sustain and Strengthen Your Relationship, which offers expert tips on ways you can save your relationship and stop drama in its tracks!